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Masirah Island Diverse cooking techniques and kinds of spices have been compensating a lack of food variety in the local cuisine for many centuries. But presently, Oman is not as secluded as it used to be, so European and Asian products, as well as world-famous dishes, have become a common thing here. Now you can order such meals as Indian ones, burgers or even Chinese noodles in any touristic restaurant.
There are several large hotel complexes available for the guests of Masirah. Many tourists visit the island using major tour programs, so the number of hospitality establishments is … Open
Meanwhile, the majority of the local population is Muslim and it’s a well-known fact that Islam prohibits alcohol consumption to believers. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with tourists. There are special bars in every hotel where you can order a drink without any troubles. Besides, you can also buy alcohol in local stores, but you need special permission from the authorities. You have to pay the toll and swear in the name of Allah that you don’t belong to Muslim confession in order to get it. If you don’t want to be fined, never take alcohol drinks away from those bars and drink it outside.
However, you rather won’t be thirsty. Local people drink a traditional drink called khawa (coffee with cardamom powder, ground date, or a little bit of rose water) during the day with great pleasure. The drink is served hot and strong in a pretty tiny cup without sugar. Copyright
There is a great choice of goods by European brands here on Masirah Island. Bags, women’s and men’s clothes, footwear, and bijou – you can find all this stuff here. All in all, … Open
Moreover, locals also drink lots of Shahi tea, it’s usually mixed with something. For instance, Shahi Halee – tea with milk, – Shahi with rose water, Shahi with ginger, and Shahi with mint are highly popular.
Masirah Island Bread – here called khubz – has a significant place in the local eating culture. It’s used not just as a base for chicken or fish sandwiches but also as a gravy spoon or a dessert (candied fruits with honey are rolled in it). What is more, there are different variations and forms of bread here: simple round one, Arabic Khubz Lebnani, large thin flatbread Khubz Tanoor, pita bread, Indian unleavened khubz.
Located near the eastern coast of Oman, Masirah or Mazeira Island is of great interest to curious travellers. The island is interesting, first of all, for its unique natural wealth. Rare … Open
Mutton is a base of most local meat dishes. Additionally, people also gladly eat chicken and beef. However, you won’t be able to try pork here as this kind of meat is forbidden in Muslim culture. So, while-fried mutton shuwa, meat fried on stones, and chopped meat are extremely delicious too. Then there is biryani made from pieces of meat or fish with bread. Kabouli – meat with rice – and stewed meat with spices, onions, and tomatoes are highly popular here as well. Another peculiar dish is oat or lamb meat with rice. Besides, kebab and offal with spices are also served here.
Masirah Island If you’re fond of soups, don’t miss to try sakhana – a soup made from Melissa, wheat, figs, and milk (it’s typically eaten during Ramadan). In addition, people here prefer to eat meat with vegetable gravy, shrub pods stewed with tomatoes, and white peas. Curry barley, dal – boiled lentils with tomato paste, fitta vegetables, and simple rice are especially popular among natives.
Masirah Island is just about to become highly popular among tourists from all over the world. Today your children and can have wonderful holidays in three- or four-star hotels. There you can … Open
Samak fish is widely used in various local dishes, for example, fish with vegetables; wood-roasted fish; dried fish. One more peculiar local dish is shark soup. Besides, they also like to serve octopuses, mussels, and lobsters. In addition, locals often order a vegetable salad with fish.
Masirah Island Such dishes as tikka kebab and mysterious mutabal (just simple spaghetti) – were brought here from the neighboring regions. Albadhinajan mae tawarikh – eggplant, dates and onions cake – tastes so good too.
If you decide to come to Masirah Island, remember that it’s a Muslim state. It’s worth noting that Oman is one of the most socially progressive countries in the bay. Women here … Open
As for desserts, locals usually eat just fresh or candied fruit. Halwa and brittles are very tasty as well. In case if you extremely like nuts, you definitely should try local kind of peanut brittle. Besides, don’t be surprised if you’d find white, yellow, or black halwa on markets: the first one is with a bunch of saffron, the second one is with white sugar, and the third one is with brown sugar. The more expensive kind of this treat is made with a great amount of cardamom and rose water. Sometimes halwa is sprinkled with almonds, cashew, or nutmeg.
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National cuisine of Oman

In Oman, it is not common to cut all food on a plate into pieces and then eat them. Locals prefer to cut and eat one piece at a time. When someone is invited to a house of locals for an informal meeting, the guest will be offered dates and coffee. If hosts have time, they prepare for a visit and cook many different dishes. Do not point at someone or something with a knife, fork or another utensil as this is considered impolite in the country. In houses of conservative Omanis, women and children sit separately. Asking for more food is considered impolite, same as refusing the food offered. The majority of restaurants do not accept tips, and the one who invites to a restaurant also pays the bill. Pork is not eaten in Oman, and alcohol is banned. Do not blow your nose while having a meal. If food is served on one big plate, take food with your right hand only because the left hand is considered impure. … Open

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