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Masirah Island Travelers who are keen on the beauty of nature and ready to spend on their time on various activities would definitely like Masirah Island. For instance, one can climb Jabal Madrub – the highest mountain on the island. The mountain is 256 high, so you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of Masirah and its surroundings from the pick. In addition, the foothills are extremely beautiful and whether you’re a specialized biologist or a common tourist who wants to explore Oman’s extraordinary landscapes, you would really enjoy it.
Masirah Island is just about to become highly popular among tourists from all over the world. Today your children and can have wonderful holidays in three- or four-star hotels. There you can … Open
There is also a bunch of hiking trails that connect all the localities with the natural sights. You can have a short two-hours walk or even go hiking for a whole day. Most of the tourists are aimed to get to the island in the summertime in spite of rarely hot weather and quite high humidity. Still, it’s easier to bear +50°C in dry conditions than +40°C in the humidity one here. Even though there is a nice wind blowing on the sea coast, still it’s better to put on a headdress in order to protect your health. And remember that heat strokes are a notorious case among tourists here, so even if it seems to you that it’s not that hot outside, be careful anyway. The best beaches here are on the west coast. If suffering from a peeling sunburn is not on your «to do list», sunbath until 11 a.m. and after 3 p.m. during the first two weeks. And, certainly, don’t forget about sun creams.
In the summer you can see one of the most peculiar local entertainments here: dozens of turtles are living the sea and come out on dry land in order to lay their eggs in the sand, just like it happened to them a long time ago. It’s a highly spectacular scene. Besides, there are just a few places in the world where one could see something like this firsthand. Copyright
Diverse cooking techniques and kinds of spices have been compensating a lack of food variety in the local cuisine for many centuries. But presently, Oman is not as secluded as it used to be, … Open
Aside from clear water beaches with a gentle descent into water, there is a house of about 300 species of feathered on the west side of the island. Surprisingly, magnificent pink flamingos, various small insectivorous birds and even flying predators somehow manage to exist side by side there. Furthermore, it’s particularly fascinating to watch them.
If you are especially fond of water activities, such as water skiing, surfing. Kite surfing, snorkelling, or diving, then you must go to the east coast of Masirah Island. You will find all the necessary facilities for windsurfing too. Even those who don’t like snorkelling would not resist trying it, as the water there is absolutely clear and there is a great variety of marine inhabitants which live very close to the surface. Divers – professionals as well as beginners – would have a unique chance to dive and enjoy coral reefs and other eye-catching underwater sceneries. What is more, the island is not overcrowded with tourists, so rent and lessons prices are pretty ok.
If you decide to come to Masirah Island, remember that it’s a Muslim state. It’s worth noting that Oman is one of the most socially progressive countries in the bay. Women here … Open
One more unforgettable experience you get here is a trip to the sea with local fish. The majority of the Masirah’s population (who are not employed in tourism) do fishing in the surrounding waters just as their ancestors used to many hundred years ago. So, if you have a desire, you can join local fishermen on their boat and watch them fishing or even try this activity yourself. Besides, it’s better to choose a day when the sea is completely calm in order not to risk feeling uncomfortable. Anyway, you can simply lease a boat go fishing in the open sea on your own. In addition, you can either rent a motorboat or hire an instructor (one of the islanders) here on the island as well.
However, if you’re more used to a luxurious vacation on the comfortable beaches, then the Masirah’s shore might disappoint you. The beaches with loungers, tents, rentals, lifeguard towers, and other modern facilities belong to large hotels, paid ones or even available for guests only. On the other hand, people who rather prefer rest in the wild nature would like it here: you can find diverse campings and about a dozen of secluded lagoons where you can just have a holiday on your own. In the night time, different kinds of entertainment are available only in hotels or in the capital of Masirah.
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Oman is perfectly suitable for fans of active recreation. For travelers, it is always very interesting to explore the desert on camels or off-roaders. Coastal waters of the peninsula are great for scuba diving and other water sports. Wadi Shab Adventures in Muscat is always ready to offer unforgettable emotions from off-roader excursions. It is a fantastic opportunity to admire the beauty of Oman and burst adrenaline level. During an excursion, tourists visit a beach, swim in crystal clear water, get to the top of a rock, and, if lucky, see some wild animals. In Nizwa, vacationers can order several-days-long tour called Desert Camels Adventure Tours and conquer sand dunes in an off-roader, see camels and ride them, explore many interesting places, and take many memorable photographs that will brighten up any photo album. … Open

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