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Kemari Boat Basin @ Karachi The national cuisine of Pakistan combines peculiarities of Arabian and Indian cuisines, so pastries, dried fruit, and meat dishes with various spices are the core dishes in the region. Karachi is one of the biggest megalopolises in the world with a population of roughly 20 million people. Because of that, fast food chains are very widespread in the city, but there are many smaller restaurants with authentic cuisine. Moreover, there are smaller open-air cafes that cook food in front of passersby on small and silent pedestrian streets of the city. As a rule, these cafes usually offer fresh flatbread and kebab.
Karachi is a city with a very interesting history that is full of events. It was the capital of independent Pakistan and lost this title only in the second half of the previous century. … Open
It is important to mention that you will hardly find pork meat in most regions of Pakistan. This limitation is connected to the fact that there are many Muslim people in the country. However, many tourists may not even notice that because local dining establishments use various types of meat, such as beef, chicken, mutton, and goat. Flatbread with meat, vegetables, and spicy sauce is the most popular quick meal in the city and a typical local “fast food”. When it comes to spices, curry and different types of pepper, especially chili pepper, are the most popular here. Vegetables are a typical garnish in the country, but local chefs can also use beans and grits.
Without a doubt, Biryani is a very interesting and unusual dish that travelers can try in Karachi. It is a second-course dish that is similar to pilaf at a glance. It also contains rice, meat, and vegetables. However, Biryani also contains yogurt that adds a special soft and creamy taste. By the way, the dish can taste differently in different restaurants in the city. This happens because of different spices used – every Pakistani cook has their own signature set of spices mixed in different proportions. Because of this peculiarity, it is hard to find dishes that taste identically. Even if the recipe is the same, each dish will have its unique aroma and taste. Copyright
In the past, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan. As it was also a large seaport, the city was always prosperous. In Karachi, there are many ancient architectural landmarks that tourists … Open
It would be a mistake not to mention a variety of flatbreads that are available virtually everywhere in Karachi. Flatbreads can be cooked in a number of ways; they can contain different flour, sauces, spices, and garnish. A pleasant aroma of freshly made flatbreads is often noticeable in the city, attracting numerous buyers. You can try local bread as a separate dish and together with other products. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the unusual taste of traditional Pakistani flatbreads.
Jehangir Kothari Parade Currently, there are limitations regarding alcohol in Pakistan. It is possible to buy it in special shops only. That being said, tourists can try many other interesting and original drinks in Karachi. For example, there are many tea houses in the city because locals are fans of this hot and fragrant drink. Serving methods can be different in different tea houses. Tea can contain spices, herbs, fruit, milk, and a lot of sugar. Lassi is an unusual drink that is also widespread in the region. It contains yogurt, minced vegetables, sugar, and salt. Lassi is particularly popular in summer because it is exceptionally good in quenching thirst.
As a rule, travelers visit Karachi not only to get acquainted with local culture and attend natural and manmade landmarks but also to relax and swim in the sea. Sandspit is one of the most … Open
Just like in many other Islamic countries, sweet tooths will be super excited here as the variety of national sweets is simply astonishing. Most of them have an unusual and pleasant taste that is very addictive. Barfi is a very popular dessert in the region. It contains milk and various fillings. Tourists should also try Mitai candies containing flour, syrups, and cream; Raita – a universal dish with cream that can be consumed even together with second-course dishes, and various sorbets, pies, and sponge cakes. Vacationers should keep in mind that local Halva is a dessert containing carrots, eggs, nuts, and cream.
Colorful Mosque Kolachi Restaurant is one of the most popular dining establishments in the city. It is an authentic restaurant that offers a range of Pakistani, Afghani, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is the right place for everyone who wants to eat fresh seafood and juicy kebabs. Moreover, the restaurant is located in a picturesque place that offers a fantastic view of the coast. The menu is diverse and contains options for different groups of guests. There are suitable dishes for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free food, and Halal dishes suitable for Muslims.
1. Pakistan is considered quite a dangerous country for tourists, and an unstable political climate only adds to this situation. Karachi is one of the potentially unsafe regions, so if you … Open
BBQ Tonight is a popular café that is equally suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Open in a peaceful part of the city, this café is perfectly suitable for meetings with friends and business partners. It is a perfectly suitable place to try many dishes of traditional Pakistani and Afghani cuisines, see how skillful cooks make barbecue or try meat cooked over an open fire. The charming design of this café is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a pleasant meal. The menu contains dishes for vegetarians, Halal food, and gluten-free food.
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National cuisine of Pakistan

The cuisine of Pakistan is a unique combination of the best culinary traditions of the East. The history of the country has contributed to an amazing variety of dishes. Despite the fact that Pakistan appeared on the world map only in the twentieth century the oldest state was located on this land. It became one of the regions of the British Raj in the XIX century. The centuries-old proximity to Iran, Afghanistan, and India has affected not only the way food is prepared but even the shape of dishes. The mixing of different cultures has led to Chinese dishes being very popular in some areas. Pakistani cuisine can compete with the Middle East in the abundance of spices. … Open

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