Colors of Goa - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Many national holidays carried out on Goa have religious roots. However, they are quite similar to religious celebrations in usual meaning. Locals devote incredibly interesting festivals and fairs to their gods; tourists are regular guests there. Influence of the Portuguese is reflected not only in culinary traditions of Goa, but also in culture of the indigenous population. Striking examples of this effect are carnivals that accompany a significant part of national celebrations. Portugal, in turn, inherited carnival tradition from the Roman Empire, thus, making culture of Goa even more unique.
Goa features marvelous beaches and charming nature, vibrant festivals and colorful markets, unique natural attractions and charming resorts. Local beaches are among the most popular and … Open
Travelers who want to visit one of the most interesting national holidays are attracted by Shigmo. Originally it was held in honor of the long-awaited arrival of spring, the festival symbolized the beginning of a new year in the Hindu calendar. The modern festival is indescribable spectacle of celebration and fun, radiant joy and optimism. The festival is one of the most important holidays in the region; it is always celebrated on a grand scale.
The very reverse of the colorful and noisy spring festival is the celebration of Shivaratri; it is also one of the most important cultural events. As you might guess from the name, this festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva, but its main attributes are rigor and restraint. It is noteworthy that Shivaratri is held during the waning moon and Shigmo takes place during waxing gibbous. Copyright
1. One of the major drawbacks of Goa is its very hot sun, which could be literally fatal for European tourists. Many vacationers severely burn during the first day of rest, so you … Open
In addition to Hindu festivals, locals celebrate many Christian and even Islamic celebrations. Local culture represents a unique blend of Eastern and Western traditions, which are reflected in everything. In part, it is a unique mix of cultures that allows local residents understanding and respecting people of other nationalities and religious beliefs. Interethnic relations here are pretty quiet and harmonious, so foreign visitors shouldn’t worry that they feel like strangers in a faraway country. Familiarity with cultural traditions of Goa will make the stay enjoyable and memorable.
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National traditions of India

In many Indian families, the birth of a son is still considered one of the main goals of a man. Therefore, in such families, sons are respected more than daughters, and they are more entitled. This becomes a problem when such a child grows into a completely selfish and arrogant man, and girls grow into submissive women who are prone to self-sacrifice. A woman is expected to play the role of a parent and the custodian of the hearth, even if she lives in the city and works. Therefore, the social and psychological burden on women in India is very strong. Sexual abuse accompanied by injury or ended with the murder of the victim is one of the main problems in India. One of the main reasons for this occurrence is the idea of ​​the women as things that men own. In modern India, many activists and organizations have emerged that are actively fighting against gender stereotypes, discrimination, and violence. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Goa

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