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Active Holidays on Negombo Beach

The resort town of Negombo is located near Colombo. There are several clubs here that can organize sea fishing for you. You can get here by bus. It follows route 04, 07 or 240. You will choose a suitable water activity and rent equipment at the local beach. You can go on a 1-hour diving tour with an instructor. You will sail 5 miles from the coast and dive to a depth of 35 meters. You will admire the coral reefs and sunken ships. You can also go windsurfing. You will ride the waves while standing on a small light board with a sail.
Colombo will please holidaymakers with children with its variety of entertainment. They should definitely visit the entertainment complex, Excel World Entertainment Park. In this indoor … Open

Admire the Sunrise or Sunset from the Top of the Lighthouse

There are old and new lighthouses in the city. Only the second of them is valid. It was built in 1952. Its appearance resembles a military fortress. If you are near it on February 4, when the country celebrates Independence Day, you will hear the solemn volleys of 7 guns. They are located at the base of the lighthouse. The building is located in the Fort District in Chatham Street. It is open to the public daily. There is no entrance fee. You can climb to its top at any time of the day. However, it is better to do this at sunrise or sunset. That's when you will see the most beautiful view.

Climb the Top of a Buddhist Stupa

The Sambodhi Chaitiya Buddhist stupa is located north of the new lighthouse. It is built on specially designed reliable piles. The stupa has a white color, domed shape, and a height of 20 meters. You can visit the building for free on any day of the week and at any time of the day. There is nothing inside the building. You will see drawings on its walls. The life of the Buddha is depicted in them. Copyright
Colombo’s traditional cuisine is very similar to the classic Indian but with some interesting features. The local menu is based on curry and rice dishes, which have become everyday for … Open
You will also climb to the top of the stupa by stairs. It is located next to the building and is connected to it by a bridge. But you will have to take off your shoes before you start climbing. Sambodhi Chaitiya is a Buddhist shrine. You will enjoy the beautiful seaport and Colombo, once at the top. However, keep in mind that you can't take photos here.

Cruise on Jetliner Ship

If you like seascapes you will have the opportunity to go on a cruise on a large Jetliner ship to Colombo. There are convenient viewing platforms on it. You can go on a voyage along the coast to Negombo or a trip to the Indian Ocean, as well as a night walk or a trip at dawn. An unforgettable experience awaits you no matter what option you prefer. You can also be sure that your trip will take place in a comfortable environment. The ship is equipped with everything necessary. The cost of each cruise depends on the duration of the trip and the company that organizes the entertainment. Usually, tourists pay 11 thousand rupees for a few hours spent on board the Jetliner.
Colombo is one of those amazing cities that carefully preserve their historical traditions paying great attention to the modern culture at the same time. This is evidenced by many bright … Open

Sea Trip for Whale Watching

If you are going on vacation to Colombo in January, you can book a tour of the Indian Ocean to watch sperm whales, blue whales, and black dolphins. Entertainment costs 4 thousand rupees. You will arrive at the marina at 6:30 on any day of the week. You will board the tour ship and admire great water animals in their natural habitat for 5 hours. You will also be able to take photos. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you.
Kelaniya Temple (Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara)

To Ride a Jet Ski and Catamaran

The picturesque lake is located in the center of the city. Ducks, herons, and pelicans live there. This reservoir is connected to the Indian Ocean by channels. A small Buddhist temple is built next to it. You will walk along the embankment, visit the temple, and watch the birds there. You can also ride on the water surface on a catamaran or aqua-bike for an hour. You will pay 500 rupees for the rental of a watercraft.
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