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Dolmen Mall Clifton is the most popular shopping center in Karachi. It has an eye-catching design and offers a range of goods for any taste and budget. There are attractive shops with European style clothing and shopping pavilions that sell elegant clothing in the national style. Men will like Gordano, a popular store that offers a range of quality clothing in the national style. There is also a large Mango shop in Dolmen Mall. The shopping complex regularly organizes interesting events for visitors. There are nice cafes, as well as numerous playgrounds and attractions for children.
Karachi is a city with a very interesting history that is full of events. It was the capital of independent Pakistan and lost this title only in the second half of the previous century. … Open
Port Grand Shopping and Entertainment complex can compete for the honorable title of the most prestigious shopping center in Karachi. The complex has an eye-catching and original design. Port Grand is the location of prestigious designer boutiques that supply fashionistas with new exclusive outfits. There are also high-quality restaurants that have their tables inside and outside in the open air, in a picturesque adjacent territory. Budget tourists will also find it interesting to visit this shopping center because there are interesting souvenir shops and attractions for children. Outside, there are food carts with inexpensive street food.
Many tourists and locals head to Atrium Mall to shop and have fun. This mall has a selection of inexpensive clothing and shoe stores that offer quality items. Women will be excited to visit jewelry shops and stores with inexpensive fashion jewelry. Atrium Malls also has a food court and one of the most popular cinemas in Karachi. Copyright
In the past, Karachi was the capital of Pakistan. As it was also a large seaport, the city was always prosperous. In Karachi, there are many ancient architectural landmarks that tourists … Open
Tourists who prefer to shop in calm and non-crowded places will definitely like Dolmen Mall Tariq Road. This shopping complex is located at a distance from vibrant central streets of the city, so locals are the main visitors in Dolmen Mall Tariq Road. There are interesting and modern shops that offer clothing and accessories in European style, as well as shops with traditional clothes and accessories in the national style. Consider visiting a large electronics store and an inexpensive supermarket on the ground floor of the building. The latter is great for budget tourists.
Karachi is famous for its colorful markets, and Zainab Market is one of the largest in the city. There are rows of shopping stalls with clothing, bags, and accessories that are available at some of the lowest prices in the city. Many travelers visit this market in order to shop for jewelry created by local artisans – the jewelry is really attractive but it doesn’t cost much. This is one of the oldest markets in Karachi, so there are many stalls with popular local delicacies and various spices.
As a rule, travelers visit Karachi not only to get acquainted with local culture and attend natural and manmade landmarks but also to relax and swim in the sea. Sandspit is one of the most … Open
There are many interesting souvenir shops in the city, and Tali Karachi is definitely one of them. In this shop, visitors will find unique artworks created by the best artisans in the city. Tourists may be interested in manually embroidered colorful pillows, interesting clay artworks, painted plates, beautiful paintings, wooden home décor items, and many other interesting accessories in the national style.
The round faith If the book is the best memorable gift from a vacation in Karachi for you, then you may find it very exciting to visit Tit Bit Book Stall. This is a popular bookstore that offers many interesting books on different subjects. As a rule, tourists enjoy buying books and albums dedicated to the history and culture of Pakistan. The opening of this shop took place yet in the 40s of the previous century. Since that time, Tit Bit Book Stall has become a true landmark of the city. This bookstore has always been owned by the same family. It offers not only popular books but also modern magazines, and colorful comic books.
1. Pakistan is considered quite a dangerous country for tourists, and an unstable political climate only adds to this situation. Karachi is one of the potentially unsafe regions, so if you … Open
When describing local markets, it would be a mistake not to mention Paradise Market that is perfectly suitable for travelers in search of unusual souvenirs. At this market, travelers can find interesting antique items, inexpensive vintage tableware, jewelry, artworks, and other antiquities. Even experienced antiquity collectors will find it interesting to visit this market.
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Shopping in Pakistan

It is important to have cash with you when going shopping in Pakistan. You can change the currency at banks, hotels, and special exchange offices. It is important to find out the commission fee. It may differ significantly. Cards are accepted only in shopping centers. Change may simply be absent on markets and small shops. ATMs are rare. There are many beggars on the streets of big cities. The chance of being robbed is small. Stealing is one of the sins of Muslims. The hand can be cut off for such a crime in some regions. … Open
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♥   Shopping area ' Zaibunissa Street' Karachi, 4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Shopping area ' Tariq Road' Karachi, 4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Shopping area ' Zamzama Boulevard' Karachi, 8.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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