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The citadel and the umayyed palace Amman


Bowling is one of the most popular dynamic, hot-tempered, and exciting games that combine sport and active recreation. In Amman, there are many entertainment centers that offer this popular game to visitors. For example, Mecca Mall has a modern and quality bowling, as well as many other amusements for any taste and budget. You will have fun and feel the charming atmosphere of the venue while playing on one of the 12 bowling lanes.
Amman is an amazingly attractive city, which harmoniously combines old traditions of the antiquity and modern lifestyle. The history of this city has started over ten thousand years ago. At … Open
You will truly enjoy such an amazing pastime. Having taken a colorful, plastic but quite heavy ball, and thinking of a right throw to hit all bowling pins, you will forget about everyday problems and stress. You will compete with other players or work as a team. When you are tired of throwing the balls, make a pause and watch other visitors play this exciting game.


If your life lacks colors, you can add them in all meanings of this word by visiting Amman. There are many clubs that offer paintball – a team game that imitates a battle with firearms. It is a truly unforgettable adventure where you can become a brave fighter or a talented strategist. Moreover, it is a great way to forget about everyday routine and stress. Copyright
In Amman for tourists with children, too, has been prepared a lot of interesting entertainment. The city has a wonderful Children's Museum. Its opening took place in 2007. In the original … Open
In paintball, participants are divided into two teams, and you will have to join one. You will rent a camouflage costume that you will put on top of your clothes, get protective mask and vest, and, of course, your “weapon” – a semiautomatic market. It shoots balls with paint inside. These balls crush as soon as they touch some obstacle. During the game, enemies try to “shoot” each other. Once you have paint on your clothes, the game is over for you.
An experienced instructor watches the process. Before the game starts, he tells about rules and safety measures to all players. The instructor is always ready to help. He or she will solve any problem or dispute and give recommendations to beginners. During the time spent in the paintball club of your choice, you can participate in an unlimited number of games on different playgrounds, enjoying this amusement.
Amman cuisine is somewhat like the Palestinian and Lebanese ones. The local restaurants are full of various dishes that are usually served in Syrian or Arab restaurants. Shawarma is one of … Open

Hiking Tours in Mujib Nature Reserve

If a bit of extreme and a high level of adrenaline are exactly what you want during your vacation in Amman, consider making a hiking tour in the Mujib Nature Reserve that is famous for its beautiful scenery and diverse flora and fauna. It is a great place to see Nubian goat, rare wild cats, and many other mountain animals. There are five hiking trails in the resort, so you will easily find the one that fits you. Two trails are in the area with no ponds or rivers, and the other three trails are located along rivers.
Having put on a safety vest, you will walk along Wadi Mujib gorge that has a small mountain river that starts at a hot mineral spring and reaches the Dead Sea. You must be in a good physical condition because you will need to overcome rapids, swim a short distance, and then climb a limestone rock with the help of a rope.
Residents of Amman are very welcoming and friendly. They follow various interesting customs, many of which have religious significance. For example, the left hand is considered "unclean", so … Open
Keep in mind that your shoes and clothes will become wet, so it is recommended to take some extra clothes and shoes with you and put all devices into waterproof cases. Having reached the end of the gorge, you will see a truly mesmerizing view – you will appear under the waterfall with warm and healing water. After such an adventure you will feel like you have conquered Jordan.
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Brown Golfing

Approximately 14 kilometers from Amman, there is an excellent golf field where you can try brown-golf. You can take several lessons from an experienced coach, get a caddy, and buy all the necessary equipment. Each round consists of 9 holes. During the game, you will need all your strategic thinking and diligence in order to direct your ball to the hole in as few strokes as possible.
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Notable celebrations and festivals in Jordan

Arbor Day is a less trivial holiday that Jordan celebrates on January 15. The celebration can also be referred to as Earth Day or Nature Day. Arbor Day is a three-day-long holiday that was first introduced in 1939. People plant trees on this holiday, so even kings and nobles take shovels and plant palm trees on Arbor Day. The palm tree is one of the most popular trees in Jordan because it is mentioned in the Quran. Dates, the fruit of the palm tree, are the main food during the fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan. By the way, this holiday has not only religious meaning. The thing is, only 1% of Jordan’s territory has vegetation! The government takes steps to improve the situation, and local people help to make their country greener. … Open
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Map of all castles
Survived castles around Amman
♥   Castle 'Qasr Kharana' , 55.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Castle 'Qasr Amra' , 63.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Castle 'Shmemis' , 81 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Castle 'Citadel of Bosra' , 81.5 km from the center. On the map   Photo

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