Family trip to Amman with children. Ideas on where to go with your child

Roman amphitheater Amman Jordan In Amman for tourists with children, too, has been prepared a lot of interesting entertainment. The city has a wonderful Children's Museum. Its opening took place in 2007. In the original museum, kids are offered very interesting excursions that take place on the principle of interactive games. Small museum guests will be able to learn about the features of various professions, as well as to understand the basics of science. They will be invited to take part in interesting studies, as well as fascinating master classes. The museum has a wonderful game room for the youngest, as well as a cozy reading room. The interactive programs of the museum are designed for children of different ages. At the entrance to the museum building, there are interesting entertaining events and fairs that will be interesting to visit with the whole family.
A choice of design hotels in Amman is simply gorgeous, so there would be options for both affluent and budget-conscious travelers. One of the most stylish among the luxury hotels is Grand … Open
Another popular family holiday destination in Amman is the Mecca Mall shopping and entertainment complex. In this large center, besides many shops, there are 8 cinemas, more than 20 different restaurants and cafes, as well as an excellent bowling club. This shopping and entertainment complex will be interesting to visit with older children. In addition to various gastronomic institutions and cinemas, there are video galleries in which interesting entertainment programs are regularly conducted.
Going to shops and entertainment centers should definitely be diversified by visiting cultural institutions. School children will like the Archaeological Museum. It was founded in 1951. For small visitors in the museum, special excursions are conducted, during which they are told interestingly and informatively about the history of the ancient world. In the museum, you can see a lot of interesting products made of stone. A rich collection of old coins is also preserved in the museum. Small visitors will certainly be impressed by the collection of jewelry, as well as old statuettes. Copyright
InterContinental Jordan offers its services to tourists preferring the most luxurious hotels. This elegant lodge attracts customers with unique atmosphere of national colour and variety of … Open
On a hot day, the shopping and entertainment center CityMall, will be a great place for relaxation. Its area is about 160 000 square meters. A significant part of the large-scale center is occupied by office premises. For tourists, there are many interesting shops, cinemas and gastronomic institutions of various specializations. In addition to classical bowling, visitors to the center will be able to diversify their vacation by visiting interesting exhibitions. The shopping and entertainment complex differs, not only in the variety of interesting institutions and shops, but also in its beautiful design. So, it will be interesting to visit it with both young children and older children.
The Citadel Amman Jordan There is a beautiful zoo in Amman, which is located in a suburban area. This zoo is called Ghamadan. For the whole world, it is famous for an unusual pair of lions and tigresses who have imbued each other with high feelings. These dangerous predators not only get along perfectly well in one enclosure, but also show incredibly tender feelings to each other, which are very interesting to watch. The zoo contains animals from all over the world. Here you can see majestic elephants, lovely koalas, and typical representatives of the local fauna.
Amman has a decent selection of hotels for those who appreciate traditions of the past years. A striking example of this category is Hisham Hotel. It occupies a gorgeous historic building … Open
Be sure to mention the Al-Wadi Water Park located in Amman, which will please its guests with a variety of beautiful pools, water slides and other attractions. This water park is two-storey. At its second floor, there is a cozy recreation area with restaurants. The entertainment complex is designed for children of different ages. Play areas and attractions are prepared for even the smallest children.
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Things to visit with your kids in Jordan

Jerash is a family-friendly destination in Jordan. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. First of all, it is important to mention the local hippodrome. Almost every day except Tuesday, the venue hosts costume shows dedicated to Roman fighting traditions. Just imagine – beautiful costumes, laurel wreaths, chariots, gladiators… Teenagers and younger kids will be very excited to attend such a show. It feels like you’ve made a time travel and returned to the Roman Empire times. The city of Jerash itself is a very interesting destination and is worth exploring. … Open
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Map of all pret-parks
Amusement parks near Amman
♥   Amusement park 'Nahshonit' Nahshonim, 93.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Gai Beach' Tiberias, 99.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Luna Gal' Ramot, 103.3 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Meymadion' Tel Aviv, 106.3 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Amusement park 'Luna Park' Tel Aviv, 107.1 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all aquaparks
Water attractions around Amman
♥   Water park 'Nachshonit Park' Kibbutz Nachshonim, 93.7 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Water park 'Luna Gal' Tiberias, 103.3 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Water park 'Meymadion' Tel Aviv, 106.3 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Water park 'Yamit 2000 Spark Water Park' Holon, 107.6 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Water park 'Shefayim Water Park' Kibbutz Shefayim, 108.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo
Map of all zoos
Zoos and gardens in/near Amman
♥   Zoo 'Jerusalem Bird Observatory' Jerusalem, 71.2 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Zoo 'Children s Zoo' Sa’ad, 74.9 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Zoo 'Nir-David Australian Animal Park' Nir David, 77 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Zoo 'Monkey Park' Kfar Daniel, 94.4 km from the center. On the map   Photo
♥   Zoo 'Petah Tikva Zoo' Petah Tikva, 101 km from the center. On the map   Photo

Famous sights of Amman


From the series “Remains of the First Ancient Cities”
Jericho was a large-scale fortress with a very complex structure at that time. Seven stone walls were built to defend the city. They formed a maze. It was incredibly difficult for an outsider to enter the city's territory. An extremely beautiful blooming oasis with fertile soil and valuable sources of freshwater was located behind the defensive walls. The locals had something to guard behind seven walls. Besides, the city was located at the intersection of important trade routes. The history of Jericho ended after the city was captured by the Israelites. … Read further

The Monastery of Mar Saba

From the series “The Most Remote Monasteries and Temples in the World”
Like many ancient monasteries, Mar Saba is far from major settlements. It’s situated in the dead area of the Judean Desert, the so-called Valley of Fire. The only opportunity to visit this unique religious landmark is to have a long trip through the vast desert. Women don’t have to refuse from the experience, as there are several viewing platforms for them around the monastery. … Read further


From the series “Remains of the First Ancient Cities”
The city of Pella was an important religious center in ancient times. Several miniature mosques have been preserved on its territory. They were built more than a thousand years ago. Very informative excursions are conducted around the archaeological area. One of the favorite activities for tourists is climbing to the top of mount located nearby. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Jordan River valley, as well as the ancient ruins. Pella remains one of the most unexplored ancient cities in the world. Major archaeological research began here less than 20 years ago. … Read further

Interesting places to visit with children around Amman

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