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The territory of Jordan is home to tenths of thousands of historic monuments, great sanctuaries and pilgrim places. The city of Amman is both cultural and administrative centre of the country. First settlers appeared on the territory of Amman 10 thousand years ago. Amman Citadel is one of main sights of Jordan. The beautiful ancient building is located in the centre of the capital’s downtown. Nearby you will see ruins of ancient fortresses and protective walls. Other important sights of the area include the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace and a Byzantine Church built in the 6th century.
In Jordan, there are many holidays that are adopted and celebrated around the world. For example, January 1st is the New Year Day and the official day …
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This part of the Jordan capital is a true paradise for scientists and historians as simply every centimetre of the holy land has great historic value. Artefacts found in the downtown are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum. Opened more than 60 years ago, the museum constantly gets new items that were found during excavations. The most famous cultural museums of the city are the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Coins, Jordan Museum of National Traditions and the Museum of Royal Cars. King Abdullah Mosque is an important religious sight. Even though this is a relatively young building, it is named in the list of most important shrines.
There are several interesting cities in Amman suburbs, and each of them has its own places of interest. The city of Salt is a fascinating place famous for its quality crafts, magnificent old buildings and museums. Skilled masters make clay vases, do detailed embroidery and make other pretty souvenirs right in front of amazed tourists. Copyright
Camping and hiking enthusiasts will genuinely enjoy their vacation in Jordan. They can stay in the desert and sleep among sandy dunes of the famous …
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Madaba is the location of an interesting landmark – St. George’s Church that was built in the end of the 19th century. The church keeps a priceless relic, a giant panel that is named “the map of the Holy Land”. The mosaic is 25 x 25m large and is considered one of the most precious items found in Amman. Other landmarks include The Head of St. John’s Cathedral, the Church of the Apostils, St. Elijah Church and Cardo Maximus Colonnade.
The city of Jerash is famous for its magnificent triumphal arcs, churches and other cultural facilities. Make sure you include a visit to such famous places as the Oval Square, Artemis Temple, the Glass Palace, the Temple of Zeus, St. Marian’s Church and the ruins of Atrium Mosque to your excursion program. There are also several museums in the city, with the Museum of Archaeology being the most visited one.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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History and Entertainment

The remains of ancient settlements found in the territory of the present country are one of the earliest on the planet. The age of the oldest artifacts found here is over 250 000 years. The largest settlements were formed here in the Bronze Age. At that time, ancient countries located here were under Egypt. In the ancient period, almost the entire territory was under the Nabataean Kingdom that was consequently conquered by Ancient Greece and then came to the Roman Empire.
At that time, the country was called Arabia Petrea. During the reign of the Roman Empire, such big cities, as Irbid, Jerash, Pella and Gadara, were formed. Now, the ruins of these cities are important archeological districts in the country. At the beginning of the 7th century, the ancient country was controlled by the Arab caliphate. Islam started disseminating actively in that period. At the turn of the 11th-12th centuries, a lot of strengthening constructions were built in the country. At that time, Jordan suffered from destructive invasions of crusaders.
Jordanian cuisine has much in common with cuisines of other Arabian countries. However, it has unique dishes and traditions. Interestingly, tourists …
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In 1517, the country saw the times of the Ottoman rule lasting until 1918. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Jordan became a British protectorate. It gained independence only in 1946. Over the recent years, the tourism sector in the country has developed significantly.
A lot of world-famous, luxurious hotels, spa centers and upscale wellness centers have been opened here. Jordan is the popular place for the health tourism. Local wellness resorts use thermal waters and healing muds and practice climate and new manual therapy.
Jordan is a unique country in terms of traditions and mentality. All key events described in the Bible took place in the territory of Jordan. …
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Beach resorts are also elite here. There is a wide choice of well-equipped coastal zones in Aqaba. Fans of active recreation will be certainly impressed by the resort of Royal Diving Beach that includes a modern diving center, big pools, playgrounds and a lot of beautiful places to walk. The main peculiarity of this resort area is its crystal clear water. Here, you can snorkel and admire enchanting coral reefs here.
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Famous and uniques places in Jordan from our review series


From the series “Remains of the First Ancient Cities”
The ancient city of Pella is located in a picturesque foothill area in Jordan. It has long been empty. The ancient city has the status of an important archaeological area today. The first official mention of this city dates back to the 4th century BC. But research data has shown that the first city was founded in this place much earlier. Researchers found traces of early Kebaran and Natufian settlements directly on this site. They were founded more than 10,000 years ago.

However, the ancient city reached its peak during the Byzantine period. It was at this time that its most magnificent structures were built here. Visitors to the archaeological area can see the ruins of a grand temple complex, as well as chic palaces, today. Archaeologists were able to estimate approximately the time of … Read all

Little Petra Caves

From the series “Famous Stables of Ancient People”
Little Petra Caves have placed near the Petra city, Jordan. Right here were found the unique marks on the wall painting. The paintings were made in the Hellenistic style more than two thousand years ago. It took three years to restore the paintings.

It is hard to find the painting of such quality and rareness in the whole ancient world. On these paintings, you can see the shapes of the birds, plants and animals. The uniqueness of them is also occulted in the considerable dimensions. Now it is possible to visit the Little Petra Caves for free. It is quite popular sightseeing in the region.

Near the cave complex you can find several souvenir tents where you can buy national decorations. In the caves neighbourhood, you can also find several great places for walks. The only thing is that … Read all

Cave Bar

From the series “The Most Extraordinary Bars and Café on the Planet”
If you are fond of cave bars you have to visit the bar in Petra, Jordan. It is located on the territory of the unique hotel "Crowne Plaza Resor". The hotel and bar have become known all over the world due to their location – an antique cave. It was made by Nabateans, who inhabited these lands thousands of years ago.

The tables in the bar are set on the small niches. The researchers suppose that earlier niches were used for individual burials. Some travellers feel scared just from the idea of the rest in such place, others overcome thousands of kilometres for visiting it.

The restaurant-bar is nicely decorated and has high-qualified service. Visitors can try not only special cocktails and a selection of boutique wines, but also enjoy the national dishes, cooked upon ancient recipes. … Read all
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