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Safeway trading center is one of the most popular shopping places in Amman. It features dozens of clothing and footwear stores. You can buy elegant evening dresses, business and designer suits and affordable clothing for everyday wear. One of the main advantages of this shopping complex is a year-round system of discounts. Experienced travellers recommend to look at the official site of mall before going there and learn about the terms of special offers. You can always buy discount coupons by internet. No less popular is Al Farid General Supplies shopping center. It is hard to imagine a category of goods that can not be purchased in it. In addition to clothing stores, there is a wide range of cosmetics, perfumery and souvenir pavillions. Plaza Superstores is one more interesting place for shopping. A wide choice of silk blouses and dresses in traditional style are accessible to women as well as household goods and makeup counters. Many come here in search of quality leather clothing, which it is sold at the most attractive prices. There are also several sports shops, including a large Nike store. Every month it conducts a week of discounts. At this time many items can be bought 30-50% cheaper than on usual days. Many people prefer to go shopping in the historic DownTown area. Dozens of shopping pavilions with a wide variety of goods hide here among beautiful old buildings. Ladies can choose chic costumes for belly dancing and luxurious hand-quilted national dresses. You … Read further

Our guide to Amman

Amman sightseeing

Amman is an amazingly attractive city, which harmoniously combines old traditions of the antiquity and modern lifestyle. The history of this city has started over ten thousand years ago. At that time this place was known as Rabat Amon and was the capital city of Amon princedom. A bit later the city was conquered and ruled by the Romans and Amman was considered the territory of Palestine, and then a part of the … Open

Cultural excursion through Amman - things to see

Start your observation of the city's attractions from visiting the ancient Citadel, which is located on one of the highest hills of the city. Here you will find the surviving exquisite Byzantine churches, and Umayyad Palace that never ceases to amaze travelers with its fairy-tale beauty. The facade of the palace is decorated with skillful carving, and the interior of its spacious halls and corridors strikes with … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Amman never ceases to attract fans of outdoor rest. The Jordan Valley remains the best destination for eco-tourists. Here vacationers can walk through picturesque landscapes, get acquainted with the local flora and fauna, join a riding school or have some rest on one of numerous playgrounds. In addition to picturesque suburban areas the city itself has many interesting places to stay. Amman is home to a water park, … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Amman cuisine is somewhat like the Palestinian and Lebanese ones. The local restaurants are full of various dishes that are usually served in Syrian or Arab restaurants. Shawarma is one of the most popular dishes among tourists and locals. Local chefs always pay much attention and great care to the cooking of this dish. First thin pancakes are backed for this dish. Then pieces of meat and aromatic herbs are wrapped … Open

Traditions and mentality of Amman

Residents of Amman are very welcoming and friendly. They follow various interesting customs, many of which have religious significance. For example, the left hand is considered "unclean", so most of actions are made with the right hand only. You should use your right hand to shake hands with men; while visiting shops and markets do not forget to give money and take the product only with your right hand. Many … Open

Travel guide to Amman

In Amman you can see some beautiful mosques, one of which is considered to be King Abdullah Mosque. This one was built in 1989, and it impresses visitors with its big scale; its walls it can accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers at once. Today there are 2 museums operating in the mosque - the Royal Museum and the Museum of Islam. King Abdullah’s Mosque is a popular tourist destination also because of the fact … Open

Nature and parks of Jordan

A visit to Petra will be no less interesting. It is an archaeological park and an ancient city full of mesmerizing landmarks. The Siq is the main entrance to Petra. It is a deep canyon, the length of which is almost 2 kilometers. Decorations carved into walls and fabulous stone sculptures decorate the passage. There are also remains of an ancient water system. In Petra, tourists have an opportunity to climb to the highest spot in the region, Mount Aaron. … Open

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