Colors of Bintan Island - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

When you are traveling around the island, you should remember about some peculiarities of the local people. For example, during the conversation, they touch another person several times. They hug each other friendly, pat each other on the shoulder, playfully punch one another – those are inevitable attributes when you are talking to an Indonesian, who likes you. Though such an expression of friendly feelings is appreciated here, those in love should be more self-conscious. Hugs in public, kisses, and other expressions of romantic feelings are inappropriate here.
For many years, the beautiful island of Bintan has being attracting tourists with its amazing scenery, interesting sights and extensive beaches. This is one of the few places in the world … Open
If you plan to visit the remote island settlements, remember, that the local people speak English only in those places, where there are a lot of tourists. Although, if you want to live in a village, seek the support of the elder, and they will hardly say no, even if you don’t speak Indonesian. The locals are quite curious, friendly, and hospitable, they won’t leave a traveler on the street for the night. Remember, you will cause a lot of attention, and children and teenagers will try to ask you something – white tourists rarely come to the remote settlements.
It is not common here to raise your voice in public places. To politely greet a man, they use the word “Pak”, and the word “Ibu” to respectively greet a woman. The islanders consider the left hand to be “unclean”, so they give and take things only with their right hand. They traditionally greet each other not with a handshake, but by putting their hands together on the chest. This gesture is called sembah. It is unacceptable to touch another person’s head. It is also not common to point to another person or to an object with an index finger. The locals prefer to do it with the big finger of the right hand, while the elbow is always pressed to the body. It is not common to cross your legs in public, and people won’t be happy if you take their pictures when they swim. Copyright
Palau Bintan or just Bintan is one of the best places for a holiday with children. A long flight and a necessary acclimatization are compensated by a comfortable water and air temperature … Open
Remember that the majority of Bintan population is Muslim. By the way, due to the orthodox diet restrictions, many local people have never left the country, because they are afraid to eat something forbidden in the non-Muslim countries. Maybe this is the reason for their interest in white tourists. Despite warm weather, all year round, revealing cloth is not accepted here. You can’t wear swimsuit anywhere except the beach. Nudists and those, who prefer to sunbathe topless, should know that it is forbidden on most beaches here.
When talking to a local, always remember that it is not common here to say no to a person directly. If you were told that something will be done not today but tomorrow, you can be sure, the Indonesian won’t do his part of the deal. The locals respect the elderly very much. For instance, if a mother told her son not to leave the city, he won’t go anywhere. The family is very important to every local. An interesting fact is that the locals consider the team they’re working with, almost a family. It is totally normal here, to take your wife or children to an important business meeting.
There are a lot of good restaurants with Indonesian cuisine in Bintan. If you are not a fan of Asian cuisine, you can find places with a European menu. It should be mentioned that unlike … Open
People in Bintan like to celebrate both religious and social holidays. By the way, if you are on the island during Ramadan, don’t eat in public, except the restaurants. In August they hugely celebrate Independence Day. There is dancing, music, and carnival. They also celebrate Heroes Day in November, Protection Day in October, and all big Hindu and Muslim holidays. In October they celebrate the victory of the Riau Kingdom over the Holland fleet. Sungai Carang Festival coincides with this date. Thousands of colored boats and yachts depart from Tanjung Pinang port for a small voyage across the neighboring islands. On the 28th of October, they celebrate Youth Oath Day, during which thousands of lanterns go up in the air. There is also yacht festival Sail Karimata in October.
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Unique landmarks in Bintan Island and around

Fountain of Wealth

From the series “The Most Spectacular Fountains in the World”
Certainly, after this symbolic event, one is splashing. The experienced tourists know, however, that the fountains of the fountain are switched off several times a day, which allows the free and 'dry' access to the center of the fountain. The fountain is part of the Suntec City trading center and was built in 1995 specifically to ensure prosperity and flourishing the center. … Read further

Marina Sky Park

From the series “Breathtaking High-Altitude Observation Points with Panoramic Views on Cities”
A unique observation platform is often used for various special occasions, including weddings, so tourists have to specify its availability in advance. The observation deck is open not only for customers of a luxury hotel, but also for ordinary travelers. It’s just enough to buy a ticket. However, only guests can have swim in the pool, which is also quite unusual, and use bar services. … Read further

Esplanade Theatre

From the series “Top 16 Most Amazing Buildings of the Planet”
Looking at the building from the bird's eye view, it reminds of Durian, the exotic fruit, which is also covered with small spines. The organizers of the project, however, had the other associations, they wanted to make the theater building similar to the large two-shell shell. The huge domes were made of glass, and in order to protect the theater from the hot weather, the special sun roofs were put on the domes, all of which recall the durian's barb. … Read further

Traditions and festivals in cities around Bintan Island

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