Colors of Johor Bahru - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Hindu Images 24 Several dozen different festivals and exhibitions are held in Johor Bahru every year. As a rule, they are quite small. The local Johor Society for Performing Arts organizes almost all of them. Therefore, it is not surprising that local events are associated with art. They attract locals, Singaporeans, and tourists from all over the world. For example, a rather interesting Johor Bahru Jazz Fest takes place in the city at the end of February. Recognized jazz stars perform on it. Local talented newcomers also take part in the festival. The festival is an opportunity to express themselves all over the country for them.
In Bahru, absolutely everyone can easily find a suitable pastime – fans of outdoor activities, shopaholics, tourists with children, and amusement park devotees. For many locals and guests … Open
If you prefer classical music, you should come to the city in July. The Johor Bahru Classical Music Festival takes place here on the very last weekend of the month. This is not only a time for performances by world-famous performers but also a platform for performances and masterclasses. It attracts listeners and aspiring musicians every year. The festival of writers, screenwriters, and directors takes place in the city in October. You can visit dozens of interesting productions and films during this festival. You will also have the opportunity to attend a masterclass of a famous writer or buy some of the new books at the fair.
The Johor Bahru Art Festival takes place in the city in September. If you will be able to choose the date of your trip here, be sure to try to get to this event. The festival of arts brings together almost all the local circus, theater, and film artists, artists, poets, and writers in the city. Everyone will find an event to his liking, from a graffiti masterclass or street art exhibition to classical music concerts. Copyright
The variety of attractive hotels in Bahru will please even the most discerning and experienced travelers. The stylish KSL Hotel & Resort is one of the most modern and popular places to stay … Open
The Johor Bahru Art Festival is not only about street performers, additional screenings of art-house films in local cinemas, and exhibitions of paintings in a variety of genres on all central city streets. Tourists will be able to plunge into the culture of the indigenous inhabitants of Malaysia during the festival. A large part of the program includes performances by dancers in national costumes, musicians playing traditional instruments, as well as performances by local theater groups on historical themes. Several large-scale costume processions and even fashion week takes place during the festival.
Hindu Images 28 The festival of arts somehow affects all spheres of life in the city. Smaller events are more intimate. For example, the TFA Carnival takes place at the Temple of Fine Arts in early March. But this does not mean that visitors will be bored. In addition to the actual costume show, a real celebration of vegetarian cuisine, drinking, dancing, and a variety of games – both traditional and modern, will be held at TFA Carnival. If you like glamorous events, you should visit the fashion week in November. It is called Perspective. You can see outfits from leading Asian designers here.
There is everything for fans of thoughtful shopping in Bahru. One of the most popular local shopping centers is located in the main city square near the railway station. The Johor-Singapore … Open
Festivals-holidays are held in the city almost every week. They are dedicated to various aspects of Asian spiritual practices. It's mostly about yoga, Buddhist music, and a healthy lifestyle. Events like AIA GLOW are dedicated to them. Many various exhibitions are also held in the city. Their subject matter can vary widely. You can get to see the latest achievements in the field of interior decoration. Educational institutions from all over Asia attract students to their walls. Events dedicated to local food are also held in the city. Masterclasses dedicated to everything from cooking Nasi to makeup are very diverse. They are often held for free.
Sultan Ibrahim Building. Johor.Malaysia. Johor Bahru is influenced by Chinese culture like no other city in Malaysia due to its very close proximity to Singapore. Therefore, if you get here during the Lunar New Year, you will be able to participate in the celebrations that take place on no less a scale than in the Middle Kingdom itself. The city is decorated in red on New Year’s Eve here. Scrolls with hieroglyphs appear everywhere here at this time. Half the city doesn't sleep on New Year’s Eve. The second half joins the first one the next day in mass celebrations.
Bahru is a large industrial city in Malaysia, the capital of the state of Johor. This is also a dynamically developing center of tourism. In terms of the number of people, this city’s … Open
Thousands of lanterns soar over Bahru in the night two weeks after the onset of a new lunar cycle. They see off the souls of their ancestors who came to the celebration. The most beautiful street festival Chingay will not leave any tourists indifferent. The basis of the holiday is a grand costume parade. It will stretch for fifteen kilometers. Jugglers, acrobats, princesses, knights, and even dragons will take to the streets of the city. Interestingly, even state institutions work half a day at this time. This is done so that everyone can enjoy the holiday.
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National traditions of Malaysia

Tamils make up the largest group of people of Indian origin in the state. They have both Indian and Lankan roots. They practice Hinduism. It includes both the main Hindu and Tamil Pantheon of deities. Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus are usually Shaivites. Tamils-Telugu mostly belong to the Vaishnava branch of Hinduism. It is worth noting that a minority of them profess Christianity and Islam. Most Indian Christians are Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran or Evangelical in Malaysia. The Chinese are predominantly Buddhist in the region. But they turn to Confucianism and Taoism sometimes. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Johor Bahru

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