Colors of Sumatra - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Culture and traditions of local people are very interesting. Before going for a trip, foreign guests have to become familiar with rules of conduct and learn about some of intricacies of the local way of life. A vast part of local population adheres to the Muslim faith, that's why rules are very strict on the island. Naturally, it isn't prohibited to foreign guests to have meal with a glass of their favorite wine, but appearing in public while intoxicated is extremely undesirable.
Island of Sumatra is famous after its luxurious hotels. Some of them are in the list of outstanding architectural landmarks. Swiss Belhotel located in the downtown of Medan is one of them. … Open
Due to religious traditions locals don't eat pork, so it is extremely difficult to find pork dishes on the island. Locals have very warm and hospitable attitude towards tourists from distant lands. Indigenous people are always happy to help, so you can always ask how to get to attractions of interest. The main condition for successful communication with indigenous population is polite behavior. Before you ask for help, be sure to say hello and to thank for any service.
You have to be very quiet and calm in crowded places, the loud display of emotions is considered the first sign of bad manners. As for so many features of gestures, some of them are considered in distant countries, while on the island they are simply unacceptable. In any case don't finger anyone, as it is considered offensive. Locals believe head to be the sacred part of the body, so you can't touch it, even for a purpose. Copyright
Sumatra is the fifth largest island in the world, famous for its unique mountain landscapes, beautiful lakes, endless beaches, rich history and unique original culture. By its popularity … Open
You have to perform all important acts only with your right hand (for example, shaking hands, passing and receiving money or food), since the left hand is considered evil. Travelers who visit local restaurants would notice another important feature - the absence of knives. The fact is that natives consider it a symbol of aggression, that's why they don't use knives during a meal. Naturally, this interesting feature of national culture has long lost its relevance in diners focused on tourists. Familiarity with these cultural features would help to avoid embarrassing situations and make the stay even more enjoyable.
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National traditions of Indonesia

The traditional dress varies depending on the location. This can be either a sarong (for both men and women) with a shoulder scarf (for women) or a loincloth or skirt made of leaves for pagan peoples living in remote regions. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Sumatra

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