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Nazareth: Church of St. Gabriel Guests of Nazareth will have the opportunity to appreciate the features of traditional Israeli cuisine famous for the diversity of dishes. The main products used in local gastronomy are seasonal vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs, as well as dairy products and soy. Due attention is also given to the preparation of meat and fish, and the most popular dish of this category is forshmak. It is prepared from salted fish finely chopped and baked with sour cream and potatoes. Such an original casserole is an everyday appetizer for the townspeople. They began to prepare forshmak hundreds of years ago.
Nazareth is a city primarily associated with a central figure in Christianity because it was here where Jesus Christ was conceived, according to religion. The city has a great many religious … Open
At restaurants that serve regional cuisine, you can try original dishes from vegetables and legumes. An unusual treat is “Tzimmes”, a sweet stew prepared with no fruit or sweet ingredients. They cook it from vegetables and legumes, the most common components are carrots, chickpeas, and beans. Speaking of traditional cuisine, it is worth noting the variety of sweet and savory pastries. You can try puff pastry pies at restaurants of any level. The most original type of pastry is Jachnun - small sweet rolls made of puff pastry.
The formation of local cuisine was greatly influenced by the Arabian traditions. A vivid reminder of this is the popular appetizer "hummus" made from mashed potatoes and chickpeas. To make this paste more savory, they also add a little garlic and lemon juice. Hummus is usually served with small tortillas made from beans or chickpeas. Nazareth restaurants also offer their guests original fish dishes. It is noteworthy that in local gastronomy it is customary to cook only those types of fish that have scales. Such an unusual tradition originated under the influence of religious canons. Copyright
Nazareth is a major religious center whose shrines are annually visited by thousands of pilgrims from around the world. This feature could not but affect the life of the townspeople and … Open
Of particular interest to gourmets are restaurants that adhere to kashrut - a set of ancient Jewish laws that define cooking traditions. According to these rules, it's not allowed to mix meat and milk, they must also be served separately. The ancient traditions of cooking have many interesting features.
Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth Among Nazareth restaurants where you can try traditional Israeli meals, Rosemary stands out. It is housed in a beautiful historic building where old hall decoration and antiques have been preserved. Its guests can enjoy traditional snacks, hearty meat dishes, as well as Mediterranean-style fish and salads. In addition to an extensive menu, this restaurant also has a rich wine list.
The main attractions of Nazareth are religious shrines, among which a special place is occupied by the Basilica of the Annunciation. According to legend, the basilica was built in the very … Open
Another historic building houses the family-run restaurant-bar Villa Nazareth whose menu also consists of traditional Israeli dishes. Since its founding, this restaurant has been managed by one family. Here you can try original dishes prepared according to old home-style recipes. The menu also contains popular Lebanese and Middle Eastern dishes. Meat cooked over an open fire and traditional appetizers deserve the highest praise.
Basilica of the Annunciation Almahdi Sweets is a stylish cafe where they serve popular Middle Eastern dishes. Those having a sweet tooth will love the cafe for lots of wonderful desserts, as well as various types of coffee. For the high quality of food, the cafe has received many high awards, which does not prevent it from maintaining prices at an affordable level.
Although Nazareth cannot offer a variety of entertainment centers and amusement parks, besides regular tours, its guests can diversify their holidays with other activities. One of its … Open
Khazen restaurant is popular with budget tourists, attracting them with a variety of dishes and a cozy home-like setting. Here you can try popular local fast food, including falafel, as well as order fresh vegetable salads and snacks. The restaurant serves simple dishes from seasonal products so it is pretty affordable.
View over Basilica of the Annunciation from Arab Cemetery - Nazareth Fans of unusual places will like Tishreen 2 located on the top level of one of the city's highest buildings. It serves original Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines in a modern style. Connoisseurs of fusion cooking will love the restaurant for sure. It can be a great place for a romantic dinner or evening rest in an original setting. Among other things, the restaurant's hall offers a stunning view of the city.
1. The entire territory of the historic district is now fully pedestrian. It is banned for cars and even public transport, so you can explore the Old Town only on foot. 2. Traditions in … Open
One of the most popular cafes in town is Mahroum where you can try dozens of types of Middle Eastern sweets. Desserts are always fresh and incredibly tasty here. Many of them are available for take-away. There are also suitable sweets for vegetarians.
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