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Melaka Traditional cuisine of Melaka slightly differs from classical Malaysian. The main treat is rice; skilled chefs cook it in various ways: stewed in coconut milk, stir fried with vegetables, steamed and mixed with fruit for desserts. Of course, there is a lot of interesting treats complementing rice. They are called Lauck, which literally means ‘supplement to rice.’
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One of the most popular national treats is satay, small pieces of chicken or beef roasted on an open fire. Satay is usually served with ketupat, steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves. Malaysian dishes feature a variety of spicy seasonings and sauces; satay is often complemented with spicy peanut sauce.
Locals consider nasi Lemak to be the ideal breakfast; it is also based on rice. Latter is stewed in coconut milk and then served to the table with hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, fresh cucumbers and roasted peanuts. It should be noted that the breakfast is the most important meal for locals, so they always pay much attention to it. Copyright
The first mention of the Malaysian state of Melaka dates back to 1400 AD. According to one legend, the city of the same name was founded by Sumatran prince; later, smaller settlements began … Open
Those who want a break from rice have to taste Tahu gorent. It is a mixture of small cubes of soybean meal and soybean sprouts smothered in grounded peanuts and fried; it is served with a spicy sauce. Those who can’t imagine a meal without entrees have to pay attention to laksa Johor soup. This is delicious fish soup with rice noodles.
masjid selat melaka There are also quite complex dishes that you can try only at upscale restaurants. Such treats include rendang, meat stewed in coconut milk. It is cooked for at least two hours; the result of this painstaking work is tender juicy meat with a delicious aroma. The name the most popular dessert speaks for itself. Melaka is an original combination of coconut milk and syrup, which is made from palm sugar. Fans of more European sweets are recommended to taste roti Chan pancakes and delicious murtabak pastry.
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National cuisine of Malaysia

The rich culture of Malaysia has led to a variety of local cuisine. It is a mix of Chinese, Malay, European, and Indian culinary traditions introduced by migrants from different countries. Various spices are widely used here. The national food is typically spicy and always flavorful. Coriander and cumin are popular here. They form the basis of many Malay sauces. Local people also use lemongrass, Kaffir leaves, cardamom, anise, and fenugreek in cooking. … Open

Unique sights around Melaka


From the series “Breathtaking High-Altitude Observation Points with Panoramic Views on Cities”
In the immediate vicinity of the building, there is a picturesque landscaped park with lots of decorations and fountains. Since opening of skyscrapers, a number of people wishing to visit them is so great that some restrictions had to be introduced. Those who want to climb the highest viewing platform of Malaysia have to consider that it is necessary to buy tickets in advance. In addition, the observation platform works differently schedule on different days of the week. It’s recommended to clarify that in advance. … Read further

Petronas Towers

From the series “The Highest Buildings in the World”
Towers are connected with the Sky Bridge made of glass; it’s located at an altitude of 170 meters. Despite the fact that Petronas Towers aren’t the highest buildings in the world, they have no equal in their category. Those are the highest twin towers in the world, which in appearance resemble two identical huge corn cobs. Skyscrapers are daily visited by more than 300 people, so it’s worth noting that it’s necessary to buy tickets to see the architectural attractions in advance. The number of people who can remain within the walls of a skyscraper at the same time is limited. The most favorite pastime among tourists is walking along the glass bridge and visiting viewing platforms. … Read further

Museum Kesenian Islam

From the series “Top Surviving Artifacts of Muslim Civilization”
In that interesting modern museum the visitors can see not only the precious historical artefacts but also renewed by modern masters models of the world known Islam remarkable sights. The toy model of Masjid al-Haram mosque, located in Mecca, is exhibited in this museum. Apart from the museum in the building you can also find a restaurant, an interesting bookshop and a souvenir shop. This museum is very popular among tourists. After the museum you can walk in the Botanic Garden. It is an excellent place for a relaxation on a hot day. … Read further

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