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Melaka 1. It's much more profitable to make an exchange in private exchange offices, as they don't charge a commission unlike banks. Exchange offices can be found literally at any busy tourist place, including major shopping centers.
2. Holidaymakers have to consider that tipping is not accepted in Malaysia. In some large restaurants service charge is included in the total score; it is usually 10% of the total. It's also not accepted to leave a monetary reward for a maid at a hotel.
3. Seasonal changes are mild. Melaka features quite hot and sunny climate. The rainy season is from October to February, but it's worth noting that rains are usually short-term and therefore unlikely to disrupt the recreation program.
4. Local climate is sure to delight beach goers, but people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system should be extremely careful. Due to high humidity and high temperatures, they may feel uncomfortable.
5. Going for a trip, you should definitely take all possible sun protectors. They would be useful even to those who are not going to spend much time on the beach, as you can severely burn even during the usual stroll. Copyright
6. Public transport in Melaka is represented by buses; it's worth to note their special schedule. Those travelling with a big company may prefer taxis to public transport.
7. Drivers who expect to take a car have to consider several important features. For many experienced motorists left-hand traffic can be confusing, as well as lack of signs of international standard. That's also worth noting that local drivers don't differ with exemplary compliance with traffic regulations.
The first mention of the Malaysian state of Melaka dates back to 1400 AD. According to one legend, the city of the same name was founded by Sumatran prince; later, smaller settlements began … Open
8. Despite the fact that Melaka is one of the quietest and safest states in the country, tourists shouldn't forget about basic measures of caution. You shouldn't walk in remote areas of cities without company and take valuables with you.
9. Tap water is considered to be completely safe, so you can drink it and use it for cooking. However, tap water often causes exacerbation of acclimatization process.
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Malaysia: travelling advices

8. Malaysia is a multicultural country. Its inhabitants respect the religious beliefs of representatives of different faiths. Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian holidays are celebrated at the state level here. You should check the calendar of holidays before you travel, so as not to get into a situation when everything is closed. For example, it will be problematic to have a snack during daylight hours during the Holy month of Ramadan in places where the Muslim population lives.
9. Cycle rickshaw is a unique and inexpensive form of transport that is common in the capital. It is convenient for traveling short distances. Passengers are placed in a wheelchair attached to the side of the bike. There are also cycle rickshaws in Penang. However, they are not in such great demand there. Taxis are very popular here. This type of transport is quite cheap here. It is better to use the services of licensed drivers. They can be identified by the "checkers" and the inscription "taxi" in the car. The payment method is specified in the same place: by the counter ("bermeter") or by the prepayment ("berkupon"). Public transport in large cities and intercity transport links is well developed in Malaysia compared with many other Asian countries. There is no public transport in the Langkawi archipelago.
10. If you are going to visit Melacca, it is better to stay in the immediate vicinity of Jonker Street. It is close to all historical sites. The street is filled with people on weekends and in the evenings. The night market opens at this time. Many souvenirs and crafts, as well as street food, are sold there. It is convenient to explore the city also with the help of a river cruise. It is better to buy tickets and take a boat to Taman Rimba and Muara pier.
11. The quality of street food is at the highest level here. Therefore, you can make a snack at markets and street outlets. Water from the tap is also suitable for drinking. … Open

What to visit being in Melaka - unique sights

Sunway Lagoon Water Park

From the series “The Greatest and Fanciest Water Parks”
It is difficult to imagine that a few years ago there was a big industrial complex of tin production on the territory of the modern water park. After a few years, the industrial area transformed beyond recognition. Today, it is decorated with thousands of living plants, a spectacular artificial river, and a huge swimming pool. Sunway Lagoon has an excellent environment for water sports, so it will be amazing not only to fans of extreme sports, but athletes too. … Read further

Berjaya Times Square

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They can try the biggest vending machine, which differs from others by its colorful design. In the shopping mall interesting thematic events are usually held, and children will also like the roofed entertainment park. Those, who want to examine one of the main shopping centers of Kuala Lumpur for details, can stay in the local hotel. Its residents have an access to the high-class fitness center and SPA-saloon. The variety of shops will strike your imagination. There you will find the shop, where the costumes of superheroes are selling. … Read further

Kuala Lumpur Sentral

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