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UNESCO Heritage Trail The main ingredient of ethnic cuisine in Penang is rice being put to the heart of many local dishes. Expert cooks prepare rice in great many ways. The rice can be roasted with vegetables and spice and herbs, steamed or stewed in coconut juice. The most known and much fancied dish among foreign guests is still satay. The treat consists of slices of chicken or other sorts of meat grilled on an open fire and added with astonishing accompaniment made of rice named ketupat. This is rice wrapped in coconut palm leaves and steamed.
Ketupat may be served as a main course as well. The treat will be of great interest for vegetarian diet fans. The dish may be added with fresh vegetables. The meal of utter significance among local folks is breakfast. Any ethnic restaurant of the resort serves the most popular morning dish being the nasi lemak. The dish presents rice boiled in coconut juice added with boiled hen eggs, fresh cucumbers, roast peanuts and anchovies.
However the local restaurant have plenty of other non rice treats on the menu. The assortment of dishes served in local eating houses includes as extremely exotic treats so regular dishes being habitual for most tourists. An original dish preferred by tourists is considered to be tahu goreng being small dices made of soya flour which are roasted and mixed with soya shoots and added with hot spice and herbs when served. Among first courses the most popular and most ordered dish is laksa johor which is added with rice noodles and various herbs and spice when cooked. Copyright
Penang is a great resort for active rest, noisy discos and nightclubs. The northern part of the island is the most attractive for tourists as here you will find most popular restaurants, … Open
Meat dish fans should try rendang. This treat is considered to be one of the most complex in cooking and sophisticated in its taste. The process of cooking of the dish lasts for about several hours. Small slices of meat are slowly boiled in coconut juice for a couple of hours and get an astonishing taste and flavor by the end of cooking. Local restaurants offer enough of original treats for exotic cuisine admirers. They will surely love hot spicy soup named ekor.
UNESCO Heritage Trail Its main ingredient is ox tail. The taste of the dish is rather original and specific. Those tourists giving preference to European cuisine dishes should not deny their pleasure to visit local cafes and restaurants. One of the most in demand dishes among European tourists is a chicken soup named soto ayam. The soup is added with rice and various vegetables.
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National cuisine of Malaysia

Blue rice called nasi kerabu is a very exotic delicacy. Rice is colored with telang flowers. It is cooked with soy sprouts, coconut shavings, and chicken in soy sauce. Blue rice is eaten with hands. Fried bananas (Pisang Goreng) are also very exotic. Small bananas are used for cooking. They acquire a delicious sweet taste when cooking. … Open

Where to go for dinner in Penang: recommended cafe and restaurants

The 1885
Where: 10 Lebuh Farquhar St, Georgetown 10020 Penang, Penang; Telephone: +60 (0)4 222 200;
The Brasserie
Where: Shangri-La Hotel, Magazine Road, Batu Feringgi, Penang; Telephone: +60 (0)4 262 2622;
Eden Seafood Village
Where: 69A Batu Feringgi, Penang; Telephone: +60 (0)4 881 1852;
Mistral Euro Oriental
Where: Bayview Beach Resort, Batu Feringgi, Penang; Telephone: +60 (0)4 881 2123;
The Esplanade, Georgetown
Gurney Drive, Georgetown
Feringgi Walk, Batu Feringgi

Unique sights around Penang

George Town Swiftlet Farm

From the series “Top 10 Extraordinary Farms”
One of the most original farms in the world can be found in Georgetown. On this farm is a special kind of swifts is bred - swiftlets. At first glance there is nothing unusual in the breeding of birds. The main characteristic of the farm is the aim of breeding. The main objective of breeders are swiftlets’ nests - a unique delicacy, that is appreciated by gourmets around the world. On the farm in Georgetown, ideal conditions for nesting are created. The nests obtained on the farm are served in world’s best restaurants as an expensive gourmet product and are used for cooking the famous bird’s nest soup. … Read further

Cuisine and restaurants in the neighbours of Penang

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