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The rich culture of Malaysia has led to a variety of local cuisine. It is a mix of Chinese, Malay, European, and Indian culinary traditions introduced by migrants from different countries. Various spices are widely used here. The national food is typically spicy and always flavorful. Coriander and cumin are popular here. They form the basis of many Malay sauces. Local people also use lemongrass, Kaffir leaves, cardamom, anise, and fenugreek in cooking.
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Rice is one of the main products of local cuisine, as in many Asian countries. Thai rice is the most common here. But basmati is also used. For example, it is used for making biryani (spicy pilaf). Nasi lemak is the national dish of Malaysia. This is rice cooked with cream and nuts. The dish is served with dried anchovies, bananas, hard-boiled eggs, seaweed, and sambal sauce. One of the most popular variations is with curry. The local population eats Nasi lemak at any time of the day.
Lemang is another common rice dish. It is cooked inside bamboo shoots for several hours. Rendang is a spicy meat stew. It is usually made from beef. The meat is stewed in coconut oil and shavings until it becomes extremely soft and acquires a sweet and spicy taste. Sweet soy sauce and palm sugar are also added. One of the ingredients is a special pasta pesamak. It consists of seasonings and spices (ginger, garlic, chili pepper). Rendang is mainly cooked for holidays. Copyright
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The people of Malaysia love noodles in all its forms. There are many varieties of pasta here. Many dishes are cooked on their basis. Noodle soup called Laksa is one of the most famous dishes. Asam Laksa, which is cooked in Penang (the culinary capital of the country) is considered the benchmark and the most delicious. It is made from king mackerel or herring with the addition of laksa paste. It consists of chili peppers, garlic, shallots, and shrimp. Noodles are cooked separately. It is poured with ready-made fish broth when served. The dish is served with slices of pineapple, cucumber, onion, and herbs.
Filipino Market Kota Kinabalu Indian bread/flatbread Roti has become a typical Malaysian breakfast over time. However, it is also often eaten during lunch or afternoon tea. It is usually eaten with sauces. It is very popular as a street food.
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The most famous Malaysian dessert called Ais Kacang (ABC) is quite unusual for a European. It is a mixture of crushed ice, covered with syrup and condensed milk. It is served with various fillings: peanuts, corn, and ice cream. The dessert is not only delicious but also perfectly quenches the thirst.
Kota Kinabalu Sunset Apam Balik is another common dessert. It is often used as a breakfast. It is a thick pancake with different fillings. Dessert Kuih comes from China. It looks like little colored cakes.
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Roti Jala or "clean bread" gets its name from the lines created by liquid dough in a large pan. The final product is folded like a sandwich. It is usually served with sauces. "Char kway teow" is another dish from Penang. These are fried strips of rice cake and flat rice noodles with prawns or dried clams.
Tandoori chicken is a dish of Indian cuisine. It is cooked in the oven of the same name. The chicken is pre-marinated in yogurt with spices (a mixture of peppers) for at least 8 hours. The chicken is cooked in the oven for only 12-15 minutes. It acquires a characteristic red color. The dish is served with naan wheat tortillas, onions, and rice. This dish is extremely spicy. But many tourist places adapt the recipe for foreigners.
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Fried noodles (Mie Goreng) were brought by Chinese migrants to Malaysia. Thin yellow egg noodles, onions, garlic, and shallots are used for its preparation. There are variations with shrimp, beef, zucchini, tomatoes, eggs, and chicken. This dish is so popular that it is sold everywhere as a street food.
Travelers meet piles of skewers with small skewers everywhere in the country. This is satay, a popular street food dish. It is cooked on the grill from all types of meat, as well as fish and seafood. It is believed that the name came to Malaysia from India or Arab countries. The dish differs from kebabs in the tiny size of the pieces, wooden skewers, and marinade. Many unusual ingredients, ranging from lime juice to fruit pulp can be included in its composition.
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Blue rice called nasi kerabu is a very exotic delicacy. Rice is colored with telang flowers. It is cooked with soy sprouts, coconut shavings, and chicken in soy sauce. Blue rice is eaten with hands. Fried bananas (Pisang Goreng) are also very exotic. Small bananas are used for cooking. They acquire a delicious sweet taste when cooking.
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