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liepaja Latvia has a rich folklore heritage. Some customs existing in this country are not found anywhere else in the world. On December 25, Latvians celebrate Christmas, in which pagan and Catholic traditions are mixed. Christmas trees have been decorated here since the beginning of the 16th century. It is believed that it was in Latvia that the tree was first dressed. Christmas markets open throughout the country. Burning large logs is compulsory. In pagan times, this symbolized the worship to the sun god. Today, the oak log is burned along with all the bad things that happened in the old year. Festive family tables are necessarily served with traditional ginger cakes. Many Latvians walk the streets wearing masks of animals, monsters and dead to scare away evil spirits and attract good luck.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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Like in many other European countries, New Year celebrations in Latvia begin on December 31. Many clubs, bars, and pubs organize New Year's programs, which last all night long until the morning of January 1. The New Year is a family holiday, and Latvians gather at a richly decorated table as families. Sometimes, if there is fish on the table, its scales are put in wallets to attract money. At midnight, fireworks are launched and people take to the streets to meet the new year, walking in squares and parks. Live music plays on Dome Square in Riga, celebrants drink mulled wine and dance.
Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are the days when Easter is celebrated in Latvia. They fall on the days between March 22 and April 25. Eggs are still often painted using onion peel, chamomile, and other natural dyes. It is believed that one who eats such an egg without salt will lie throughout the summer. People hit each other's eggs, and the ones whose eggs do not break are believed to live longer. Copyright
The majority of tourist routes in Latvia start with a visit to Riga. There’s nothing strange in that as in the capital it’s possible to see main …
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On May 1, there is not only Labor Day, but also Convocation of the Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Latvia. It is also a national holiday since on this day in 1920 the first parliament of the Republic of Latvia was convened to draft and adopt the Constitution. This is a day-off when people go to peaceful festive demonstrations. And on May 4, there is the Day of Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia, which happened in 1990. Another Independence Day, or Republic Day, is celebrated on November 18 - on this day in 1918, the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed an independent state. On this big day, festivities are held throughout the country, and the President gives a solemn speech on national television.
The summer solstice is celebrated at the world-famous Ligo Summer Festival on the night of June 23-24. This bright, colorful holiday has pagan roots. Latvians burn fires all night, weave beautiful wreaths of flowers and herbs and adorn their heads, animals and houses, dress up in traditional costumes, tell ancient legends, drink beer, sing folk songs, and dance. According to legend, on this day you can meet real witches. It is also believed that if one throws into a river or a lake two wreaths, one of which symbolizes its owner and the other - his/her beloved one, by the behavior of the wreaths on the water, one can judge about the joint future: if the wreaths meet, the lovers will get married. Another belief is connected with fern. The one who finds its flower will be able to understand the languages of animals and plants.
Latvia deservedly bears the title of the heart of the Baltics. On its territory, it has gathered many cultural, historical, architectural, and …
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Annual music festivals are also held in Latvia. The famous Positivus Festival is one of the largest music festivals in the Baltics. This three-day show in the northern city of Salacgrīva gathers on its stage talented local and foreign performers of varying levels of popularity. The festival dates back to 2007. Such famous performers as Sinead O'Connor, Imagine Dragons, Kraftwerk and others played here. The annual Jazz Festival has been held in Saulkrasti since 1997. It lasts for a week in July, and here you can not only listen to great jazz played by musicians from around the world but also watch how the best drummers compete for the main prize.
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