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The majority of tourist routes in Latvia start with a visit to Riga. There’s nothing strange in that as in the capital it’s possible to see main symbols of the country and most interesting sights. The Riga Castle is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The castle was built in the 14th century and during its long history the purpose of the castle was changed several times. Today the castle is the president’s residence and location of several important museums – the Museum of Latvian History, the Museum of Foreign Art, museums of literature and music. The architectural complex named “The Three Brothers” is also a prominent landmark of Riga. These are the three buildings located on Maza Pils Street. The first building was constructed in the 15th century, and the remaining two were added a bit later. The buildings are made in same style and look quite fascinating together.
Latvia has a rich folklore heritage. Some customs existing in this country are not found anywhere else in the world. On December 25, Latvians …
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The Dome Cathedral is one of the main churches in Riga. The building of the cathedral was started in 12111 and lasted till the 18th century. A beautiful tower made in Baroque style is the signature symbol of the cathedral. The height of the tower is 90m. Right in front of the cathedral starts Dome Square that is often chosen as the location of various performances, fairs and other entertaining events. Perhaps, the Cat House is the most unusual place in Riga. There is an interesting legend connected with the building. Long time ago the house belonged to a noble citizen who, however, was not accepted to the guild. To express his protest, the citizen decorated his house with figures of cats and put cats in a particular way so that their backs were facing the guild house. The figurines of cats have remained on the building, but their position was adjusted.
Besides Riga, travellers will be interested in visiting the city of Sigulda, which is located in a beautiful national park. Sigulda medieval Castle remains the main landmark of the city. The castle was built in 1207 by Livonian Knights. Unfortunately, once a magnificent protective facility, the castle was partially damaged and now tourists can see only a part of the wall, a couple of towers and a small square. Another Latvian city, Rundale, is known mostly because of the same named palace. Rundale Palace is a beautiful baroque building constructed in the 8th century by project of famous architect Rastrelli. The palace has been turned into a museum, where guests will see collections of magnificent old furniture, mirrors, pictures and other items. There is also a rich collection of vases and sculptures made from china. Copyright
Latvia is known for its clean air, fertile soil, lush coniferous and deciduous forests covering almost half of the country's territory, and clean …
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History and Entertainment

The modern country started to be formed in 1201 when Bishop Albert Buxthoeven had ordered to establish the city of Riga. Eight years later, the first state called Livonia was formed. Consequently, it caused multiple military conflicts between big neighboring countries. The Russian Empire repeatedly tried to capture the territory of Livonia.
The Latvian nation was formed in the 17th century. One of its most difficult historical stages was a turn of the 19th - 20th centuries. It was marked by a series of revolutions and internal political conflicts aimed at achieving the complete independence of the country. Latvia became independent from Soviet Russia in 1918 and from the USSR in 1990.
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Despite the fact that Latvia has been one of the most popular tourist countries for many years, it has managed to preserve its calm and peaceful atmosphere. Even in the midst of the tourist season, it is possible to enjoy peaceful recreation at large local resorts. Besides rich sightseeing programs, Latvia offers its guests a lot of prospects for organizing their vacation.
Jurmala is notable for its enchanting beaches and fascinating parks. There are also magnificent forests near the resort. In Jurmala, a lot of festivals and other holidays involving tourists from different countries are annually celebrated. Liepaja that is very popular with fans of peaceful recreation is not limited only to beaches too. There are popular hiking routes near the resort. When walking, you can see interesting nature attractions. Liepaja is also distinguished by multiple jewelry shops where you can buy exclusive amber items.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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In Latvia, there are several wellness resorts. The country is notable for its healing springs and lush coniferous forests. Along the Latvian coastline, a lot of balneological centers, health camps and modern spa centers are open for all fans of health recreation. The country is characterized by its mild climate, so travelers visit it almost in any season. In winter, it is very interesting to come here on Christmas Eve.
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Famous and uniques places in Latvia from our review series

Skrunda Town

From the series “The most famous buildings of communism”
The abandoned town of Skrunda is located in the historical region of Kurzeme in the western part of Latvia. It was founded in the communist era. The town was forgotten after its end. A small military town was founded in this place in 1969. The military had to live here permanently to maintain the new radar station. According to the agreement concluded between Russia and Latvia, this station had to operate until 1998. A major military town was emptied in a matter of months after its stop.

You can see the abandoned five-story buildings here today. Thousands of people lived in them a few years ago. The checkpoint remained at the entrance to the town. Security was constantly on duty here until recently. But no one is guarding the ghost town today. All houses preserved on the territory of … Read all

Promenade Hotel

From the series “Best industrial-style loft hotels”
Travelers have the opportunity to use the services of the fashionable Promenade Hotel in Liepaja. It was opened in the building of the old granary. It was built in the city in 1797. The luxurious building with perfectly preserved interior architecture is considered the most valuable historical monument today. The old wooden ceilings, as well as the brick arches and supports, are preserved in the granary. Food supplies for the winter period were stored in the huge rooms of this building for many years. The granary provided food for the whole city.

Beautiful rooms are equipped in spacious rooms today. Antique furniture and old works of art were used in their decoration. The Promenade Hotel is located on the banks of the canal. Ships have sailed it in the past. Grain was unloaded directly … Read all

Office of Evolution Gaming

From the series “Futuristic buildings of IT companies”
Travelers can see the original building with a glass tower while walking around Riga. The well-known company Evolution Gaming purchased this building for 12.4 million euros a few years ago. It is a major provider of IT services. The company has expanded significantly in recent years. This required the purchase of a new office building. The choice was made on one of the original buildings in Riga. The main representative office of this company in Europe is located in the capital of Latvia today.

About 1,500 people currently work for the company. It is noteworthy that it was founded in 2006 in Latvia. The unusual building that the company acquired is a monument of modern architecture that is noticeable in Riga. If you look at it from the front side, it is quite an ordinary building with … Read all
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