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Latvian culture and traditions are deeply rooted in antiquity. Latvians have preserved a number of traditional features of their ancient culture. In this country, people honor their ancestors' heritage. Despite the fact that Latvia is a Christian country, a number of pagan customs are still observed here. According to the ancient calendar, the country has 4 seasons with the apogee falling on Equinoxes and Solstices. It is Christmas for wintertime, Easter for spring, Apjumības for autumn. However, there are two main days for the summer. These are Jāņi and Kupala Night celebrated in a row from June 23 to June 24. Both days are official public holidays in Latvia. During this time, people meet the morning of a new day at campfires, bathe naked in the morning dew, sing songs, jump over the flames. Fresh bread is baked, beer and cheese are made for the holidays.
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Before big holidays, all Latvian cities host all sorts of trade fairs where products of traditional crafts are widely presented. These include weaving, pottery, weaving from the vine, production of leather and metal products. All comers can try to create something with their own hands using ancient technology.
Latvians are good singers. Their folk songs have long turned into unique musical meditations. The Song and Dance Festival that has been celebrated since 1873 is famous all over the world. It is normally held every five years. Tourists would probably be interested in visiting the International Organ Music Festival taking place in Riga in June. Sigulda Opera Music Festival is held in mid-summer. The International Folklore Festival "Baltica is organized in the capital every three years. It is devoted to the traditions and culture of the peoples inhabiting the Baltic states. The Fisherman's Day has been celebrated in seaside Latvian towns in the middle of summer for several decades. During its celebration, Latvians and guests of the country eat seafood and sea fish, honoring Neptune, dancing, singing, and having fun in every possible way. Go Blonde Festival is held in Riga at the beginning of summer. On this day, blondes wear pink clothes, pick up pocket dogs, and march through the city streets. The festival is aimed to raise funds for charity. Copyright
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Latvians are no different from other Europeans. However, restraint in communication is welcomed here. Gratitude is usually expressed through a bouquet of flowers. Latvians are hospitable, friendly and peaceful. A distinctive feature of the national character is the love of freedom. Latvians have a respectful and reverential attitude towards tourists. Latvians will gladly answer any questions, give advise, and help foreigners in a given situation. Latvians celebrate name days like birthdays. Tourists need to know that lying and walking on the grass are prohibited in the center of Riga. Smoking in public places is also banned in Latvia. Drunk tourists on the streets may be fined.
Terrazza Jurmala Wedding traditions of Latvians are also interesting. As a rule, young people used to marry in the autumn in a new or full moon. There is a tradition that the bride takes off her wedding veil in front of the guests at midnight. Instead of a veil, the bride put on a kerchief and an apron. The bridegroom was given a hat. This ritual symbolized the couple's entry into independent life. Another wedding tradition was the visiting of seven bridges. Crossing each of them, the newlyweds launch an air balloon with a wish, sincerely believing in its fulfillment.
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Latvia is the owner of the tallest building in the whole European Union. It is the capital's television tower, whose height reaches 369 meters. On the Latvian river of Venta is the widest waterfall of the Old World, which is about 100 meters wide. The national flag of Latvia is among the oldest on the planet. It was first used back in 1280. The Latvian capital is included in a small list of 14 states, having only 4 letters in the name. About 20% of the country's territory is reserved for state-protected lands of national parks and reserves.
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