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Hiroshima Those who are fond of Japanese cuisine and exotic oriental delicacies would enjoy their stay in Hiroshima. There are more than three hundred different restaurants and cafes in the city, so every foreigner would find a suitable dining place. Speaking of typical national food, we should definitely mention okonomiyaki, a little crunchy bread that looks a bit like a pizza.
You can diversify the rest in Hiroshima visiting beautiful parks and exciting entertainment facilities. The city certainly impresses those who prefer to spend a lot of time in the open air. … Open
It differs from the popular Italian treat with a special composition of the filling, as well as an original way of cooking. The flatbread is fried a little, than the filling is spread. The filling includes mix of vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs, udon and seafood. After being fried thoroughly, bread is turned and fried on the other side. In local street cafes and restaurants okonomiyaki is cooked with a variety of fillings; cooks fry scones at small open braziers. In addition to the popular treat, you can order a variety of sauces.
Another important feature of the national cuisine is an abundance of seafood. Virtually every national restaurant will offer oysters; chefs prepare them in a wide variety of ways. Oysters with lemon and soy sauce are considered to be the true classics; those who are fond of more savory treats would appreciate oysters cooked in oil. Yellowtail rockfish, squid and octopus are among favorites in local menus; in the first half of the year anchovies are served in local restaurants. Copyright
1. Holiday-makers should take into account that tipping isn’t accepted at local restaurants and other leisure centers. The service charge is usually included in the total score and … Open
Ramen noodles are local classics; they are cooked with chicken and various vegetable mixtures. Fans of treats would like the most tender tsukimen meat noodles with juicy chunks of meat and gourmet sauces.
Hiroshima Hassei is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the city; its visitors can taste all possible kinds of national foods and drinks. The name of the Okonomimura restaurant speaks for itself; popular flatbreads are cooked there in dozens of variations. The wine bar Totide Wine invites visitors to have a break from Eastern cuisine; it serves popular varieties of European wines and delicious pizza. It’s worth noting that local restaurants have very attractive prices; the average bill rarely exceeds 10 euros.
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National cuisine of Japan

All these as well as many other delicacies of the Japanese kitchen can be tried in the country’s restaurants, most of which are opened from 11am to 2am, and some – even overnight. Drinking and snack-bar establishments located in the underground area or stations prepare different dishes of domestic kitchen at satisfactory prices. Small restaurants of local cuisine where you can have a tasty and cheap lunch are frequently located on ground floors of big supermarkets. In many of such restaurants, it is possible to order teishoku – Japanese complex lunch on a food-tray. Many establishments display photos or plastic models of dishes for tourists who do not know the language. In Japan, noodles shop and fast food booths that prepare different Japanese food for take-away are common. Cheap establishments accept only cash payments. It is not acceptable to leave tips in Japan. … Open

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