Colors of Ko Lanta - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand You will constantly notice that everyone around you is smiling while walking around the Old Town. This often seems deliberate and inappropriate. However, such traditions are in Thailand. It is believed that everyone gets a smile in return by sharing his smile with everyone around him. Luck, energy, and good mood come along with smiles. Therefore, even if the Thai is not doing very well, he will smile as if he won a million in the lottery. If you want to get the respect of the locals, you should not only smile but also learn "Hello" and "thank you" in their native language. This is easy to do. Thus, citizens will consider you a tourist who respects Thai culture.
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You can repeatedly notice that a local resident repeats the same information several times in a row during a conversation. He only slightly changes the word order in the sentence. You should smile and nod. The Thai must make sure that you have heard and understood him. If you like vegetables or fruits, you should go to the same seller for them, especially if you have a recognizable appearance. The fact is that it is customary to make discounts to regular customers here. But, unfortunately, all Europeans have the same appearance for Thais. So if you do not differ in noticeable growth, physique or other signs, don't be surprised if you just don't get recognized.
The locals are calm, discreet, and may seem slow for many Europeans. No one is chasing profit or success here. Modesty and self-discipline are considered almost the most important human virtue. Thailand is strongly associated with parties, transvestites, and dissolute recreation for many foreigners. However, rather sanctimonious mores prevail in the Old Town of Lanta in fact. For example, you will not see a local resident in a swimsuit on the beach. Thais do not get naked even on the beach. They prefer to swim directly in everyday clothes. So if you are going to the beach, where there are more Thais than tourists think carefully about whether you want to stand out because of the swimsuit. Swimsuits, even the most immodest are allowed here. However, you will not feel very comfortable against the background of dressed citizens. If you decide to sunbathe Topless or naked then be ready not only for increased attention but also for hundreds of reproachful looks and the appearance of a representative of the law. Anyone who sees that you are doing something that goes beyond local customs and laws will immediately inform you about it, unlike many other Asian countries. Copyright
The Old Town of Lanta is not an ideal place for shopping. Not too many people live here. The number of tourists arriving is not yet so large that large retail chains have reached here. So if … Open
The locals are superstitious. Women prefer not to stand to the right of men in the Old Town. However, it cannot be said that Patriarchy reigns on the island. A lot of traditions that came from the depths of centuries are still alive today. For example, you can't pass or take anything with your left hand. It is considered impure and is used for body hygiene. You can't touch a Thai's head. It is sacred, where the soul lives. You can't point your feet at anyone. This is extremely indecent.
Beautiful beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand Be careful with money. Many incidents happen due to the fact that there are images of the head of the current monarch on them. He is almost idolized here. If you accidentally step on a fallen banknote in front of witnesses, then extremely unpleasant consequences will be provided. If you go to a local temple, you should not climb a Buddha statue for a beautiful photo frame. Women are not allowed to touch Buddhist monks. However, Buddhist monks are not allowed to attend the wedding ceremony, despite the fact that the locals are extremely religious.
Unique natural attractions are the main treasure of the Ko Lanta Archipelago. Fans of hiking and fascinating tours will definitely find this place special. One of the most visited sites … Open
If you want to greet a Thai according to all local customs, then bow your head and join your hands together. This gesture is called a Wai here. Wai is used when addressing any adult but not a child. If you are talking to children, you should add a Non to the person's name. If you are talking to adults, add PI. Try to get to the Old Town during any of the Buddhist holidays like Makha Bucha in February or Sart Thai in September. They are celebrated with large-scale ceremonies here. Thais also celebrate the global New Year on the first of January, and their own Thai New year in mid-April. They also celebrate the mid-year holiday on the first of July, the Birthday of the Monarch, and Constitution Day.
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