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The Old Town of Lanta is not an ideal place for shopping. Not too many people live here. The number of tourists arriving is not yet so large that large retail chains have reached here. So if buying clothes and shoes from famous brands is part of your plans, it will be better to go to the mainland of Thailand. The choice is bigger and discounts are more often there. You can find everything from branded shoes to cosmetics or smartphones. It is better to buy authentic Thai souvenirs and handmade products from local craftsmen in the Old Town. You can also buy those products that will not spoil on the way home here.
You will constantly notice that everyone around you is smiling while walking around the Old Town. This often seems deliberate and inappropriate. However, such traditions are in Thailand. It … Open
The market is the best place to find a wide variety of products. It doesn't have an exact address in Lanta. It is located in a new location every day of the week. So it is better to find out in advance from the local where the market is today. It is worth noting that the morning, evening, and night markets are completely different things. You should look for different products there. You should go shopping in the morning only if you want to buy products that will be prepared on the same day. It's hot, there are a lot of locals, and the product often lies directly on the ground or the newspaper. It is more interesting in the evening. The heat subsides, tourists become a little more, and sellers at least a little care about the appearance of the product.
The night market is a real attraction. Not only products but also books, household items, and sometimes even furniture are sold at this time. Field kitchens are also located here. They provide an opportunity to enjoy the most exotic dishes of Thai cuisine for every visitor. Local musicians and actors also perform here. You can buy anything you want at this time. Keep in mind that Thais perceive bargain more as entertainment than as a competition, unlike many other Asians. However, they do not mind arguing about the price in the market or in a small shop. If you want the seller to like you, smile and say “Hello” to him. You can find out about the cost of an item using the phrase "Thau Rai?" Copyright
The town was called the same as the island – Lanta for a long time. The origin of this name is unknown. Presumably, it is associated with a special device for drying fish, which the locals … Open
You should go shopping at the end of your vacation, or at least in its middle. If the seller sees your tan, he will decide that the vacation is coming to an end and your funds are also running out. He's more willing to make a discount. Local fruit will be the easiest and cheapest souvenir. Guava, pitaya, lychee, jackfruit, longan, and durian grow here. However, you should be careful with durian. It has a very specific smell despite the excellent taste. You may have problems because of this on the plane. But you can buy durian chips or jam from it. Chips are also made from mangoes, breadfruit, and bananas here.
Sunset - Ko Lanta \/ Thailand Pack of local coffee will be another great and quite budget gift from Lanta. Thais love this drink so much that they are ready to drink it in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. So, the requirements for the quality of coffee are high here. So you can be sure that everything you can find on the shelves has already passed the strictest control. You can buy not only coffee but also a jezve or coffee service. There is also a lot of good tea in the town. You can find the usual green, black, and local blue matum tea.
Lanta Islands is a popular holiday destination for fans of beach entertainment and water sports. However, available ways of spending leisure time are not limited to the above-mentioned … Open
Fish sauce can be another interesting purchase. The main thing is not to give it to people who are sensitive to odors. The aroma is very specific despite the good taste. It is better to transport the sauce in a strong package. Otherwise, you will have to throw out everything that was in the suitcase. You can also purchase less exotic sweet and sour sauce and kits for cooking Tom Yam at home. You can buy coconut milk or peppercorn chocolates which many Thais like. Many people buy dental powder in Lanta. It is inexpensive and of excellent quality here. Thais use powder instead of paste to clean their teeth.
Klapa Klum Bar If you are not afraid of exotics, then pay attention to cosmetics. Scrubs, masks, peels, and shampoos – all these products Thais make from ingredients that are known only to them. However, the effectiveness of local self-care products is consistently high. If you want, you can buy a shirt made of high-quality Thai silk in the town. Note that the low price and perfect smoothness of the fabric are a sign of fake here. A handbag, belt, clutch or even a backpack made of leather from local artisans will be an interesting purchase. You should not believe in a low price for an alligator product, for example. Otherwise, you will get a thing made of ordinary calfskin at a very high price. You should definitely pay attention to crafts made of teak wood. Special attention should be paid to statuettes in the form of elephants - symbols of Thailand. Local gold and silver jewelry are also good. However, be careful. There is a risk to buy a fake designed for tourists.
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