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beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand At first, it is difficult to get used to the fact that residents of the Old Town are quite normal for lunch and dinner not in modern restaurants but in small eateries. The mobile kitchen and five or six tables right next to the road give the impression of a complete violation of all sanitary standards. But paradoxically, it is in such places that the best Thai food is served. The main thing is to choose places with numerous customers. The food will definitely be fresh there. It is also worth noting that you cannot reduce the seasoning of dishes in such places. Cooks will not prepare a new portion specifically for one tourist. But you can find out how the food looks like before ordering but don't think about it while waiting for what the cook will cook for you.
The town was called the same as the island – Lanta for a long time. The origin of this name is unknown. Presumably, it is associated with a special device for drying fish, which the locals … Open
You can ask the waiter to reduce the seasoning of the dish when ordering in a regular cafe. You can also ask to cook a moderately seasoned dish. If you decide to taste the dish for the first time, it is better to choose an option with a small number of seasonings or without them at all. Thais love spicy food. They often cook in such a way that the taste of the dish is simply lost behind the seasonings.
Please note that there are no fixed rules of cooking here, as in all of Thailand. A lot depends on the cook. So the same dish can differ very much both in the composition of the ingredients and in the nuances of cooking in different places. Copyright
Lanta Islands is a popular holiday destination for fans of beach entertainment and water sports. However, available ways of spending leisure time are not limited to the above-mentioned … Open
Rice is one of the most common products in the Old Town. Its role here can be compared to the role of bread in European cuisine. It is customary to serve the rice warm so that steam comes from it. Noodles are also often cooked here. Thin rice noodles are called kuaytiao sen lek, thick rice noodles are called kuaytiao sen yai, and yellow egg noodles are called bamee.
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand A glass of cold water is often served to reduce the seasoning of the dish. A portion of pure rice also serves this purpose. You will see dishes served in a beautiful way, fruits and vegetables figuratively, but... there is no single knife on the tables in many local restaurants. The knife is a symbol of aggression in Thailand. It is used only for cooking but never during a meal here. Citizens eat with quite traditional spoon and fork. They also use sticks but less often.
The Old Town of Lanta is not an ideal place for shopping. Not too many people live here. The number of tourists arriving is not yet so large that large retail chains have reached here. So if … Open
You can order poh piah sod as a snack. These are small rolls with sausage, omelet, and vegetable salad. Be sure to taste Tom Yum. This is the most famous Thai dish in the world. This is Tom Yam Kung with shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, and lime leaves in the most common version. It can be cooked with or without coconut cream. But it should be noted that there are many different versions of Tom Yum here. This can be a dish only with vegetables, with fish instead of shrimp, and even with meat. But Tom Yam Kung is the classic version of this popular dish.
Beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand Be sure to taste the Som Tam salad of tomato, dried shrimp, lime juice, beans, and papaya. Pad Thai also deserves attention. This is rice noodles fried with shrimp, tofu, bean sprouts, onions, garlic, and lime juice. If you want vegetable soup, order Kung Som Pak Ruam.
Unique natural attractions are the main treasure of the Ko Lanta Archipelago. Fans of hiking and fascinating tours will definitely find this place special. One of the most visited sites … Open
Fans of spicy food should taste red curry Panang Gai or green curry Gang Keow Wan. Sweet curry Kung Massaman is also interesting. It is often served with potatoes. The local version of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, bacon or sausage is hidden behind the mysterious name Gai Pad Pongali. Duck Kao na phet and barbecue pork Kao Niew Moo Yang is very tasty. French fries or noodles are served as a side dish to these dishes. Yam Hor Moo Yang meat salad is also delicious. Mao Kah Moo also deserves attention. This is pork in soy sauce with anise and cinnamon.
Beautiful beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand Whole bass with hot sauce Plah Kah Pang Neung Manow will appeal to fish fans. They should also pay attention to the extremely unusual local fish Gang Som Plah Chon. It is served fried. Grilled fish Plah Plow or deep-fried catfish Yam Plah Duk Foo is a simple and delicious dish. Vegetables with fish and hot sauce are hidden under the name Nam Prik Kapi. Thin flat noodles stuffed with minced pork, carrots and basil are also interesting. It's called Kai Teo Lai San. You can wash all this down with a local version of Cha Yen tea. You can order mango with sticky rice Kao Niew Ma Muang or pumpkin with custard Sang Kaya Fug Tong for dessert.
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