Weather in Ko Lanta. Actual conditions and forecast

Map of wind conditions for Ko Lanta area

Map of Ko Lanta temperature forecast

1. You can zoom in to Ko Lanta using the '+' button, or check temperatures around the globe by the '-' button.
2. Besides this, you can grab the map by your mouse button and move it to see the temperature in other regions.
This temperature map is centered around Ko Lanta. The map is real-time and interactive.

Rain forecast for Ko Lanta area

1. Using the control panel above this map, you can check the rain forecast for Ko Lanta for any period within next 10 days.
2. Via the top control panel, you can check the following weather parameters: Temperature, Cloud cover, Precipitation, Wind and Pressure.
This precipitation forecast map is centered around Ko Lanta. The map is also real-time and interactive.
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More to see in Ko Lanta
The old town of Lanta was the capital of the island half a century ago. But it lost this status after the construction of a new port. Today, as a century ago, people still fish, carve crafts out of wood and receive a few travelers here. Lanta has become popular with tourists from all over the world as a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful place. The number of hotels in the town has increased. You can not only stay here but also find entertainment for your child. However, there are few hotels designed for families with children here. It's all about the local mentality. Thais believe that a child is a small adult. They treat children appropriately. The Old Town will appeal to children who love beautiful views and appreciate the opportunity to meet other people and other cultures. If the child is used to entertainment centers, water parks, and slot machines, then disappointment awaits him here. There is no such infrastructure in the settlement. If the child is active and inquisitive, he will find something to do. If not, then parents will have to spend a lot of effort to ensure that the child is not bored. Does your child not appreciate morning sleep too much? Then you can meet the dawn together on the streets of the Old Town. Despite the fact that this is not a large settlement, the atmosphere of the awakening Thai is incredibly strong here. The child will surely remember it for a long time. Local sunsets are also beautiful. In addition, you can make beautiful selfies on the … Read further

Ko Lanta guide chapters

Ko Lanta sightseeing

No less interesting natural attraction is Koh Lanta Caves. They are located in an incredibly beautiful area; each cave is interesting and unique in its own way. Hiking to Koh Lanta Waterfall is extremely popular among tourists. It is located in the area of Klong Jark and is sporadic, so you can see the beautiful waterfall only during the rainy season. It is worth noting that the path to the waterfall is quite long … Open

Cultural excursion through Ko Lanta - things to see

Traders from the Middle East and China have used the port as "transshipment point" for many years. Today, the local architecture is similar to Thai and differs from it a lot at the same time. Many compare the Old Town of Lanta with Hoi An in Vietnam. The island's capital was located here until 1994. After the construction of the new port in Ban Saladan, which was larger in size, all administrative services and many … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Lanta Islands is a popular holiday destination for fans of beach entertainment and water sports. However, available ways of spending leisure time are not limited to the above-mentioned activities. Picturesque islands are sure to please nature enthusiasts, as there are many beautiful places to walk and interesting nature reserves here. One of the most popular and interesting among them is Lanta Animal Welfare, which … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

A glass of cold water is often served to reduce the seasoning of the dish. A portion of pure rice also serves this purpose. You will see dishes served in a beautiful way, fruits and vegetables figuratively, but... there is no single knife on the tables in many local restaurants. The knife is a symbol of aggression in Thailand. It is used only for cooking but never during a meal here. Citizens eat with quite … Open

Traditions and mentality of Ko Lanta

Be careful with money. Many incidents happen due to the fact that there are images of the head of the current monarch on them. He is almost idolized here. If you accidentally step on a fallen banknote in front of witnesses, then extremely unpleasant consequences will be provided. If you go to a local temple, you should not climb a Buddha statue for a beautiful photo frame. Women are not allowed to touch Buddhist … Open

Travel guide to Ko Lanta

Numerous travelers visit the picturesque archipelago of Ko Lanta in search of comfortable beach recreation. Klong Dao Beach remains the most popular destination for a beach vacation on the islands. The length of this beach is more than 3,000 meters. Klong Dao is a calm and comfortable sandy area that is perfectly suitable for vacationers with children. The length of Long Beach is even bigger – 4,000 meters. It is … Open

Weather in the region of Ko Lanta

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