Colors of Ko Lanta Island - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

beautiful beach on Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand It might be a surprise to find out that people on Ko Lanta Island actually have high moral principles, even though Thailand is famous for its parties and positive attitude to transsexuals. There are no nude beaches on the island, so if you’ll try to sunbathe naked or topless, then stricken people will call the police and you’ll be fined. The locals are known for their intolerance to public nuisance so they won’t take into consideration the possibility that tourist might not know something. It’s an ordinary thing here to express one’s indignation by a look, words or gestures. It’s quite peculiar that the locals even swim in their everyday clothes. Actually, they even wear no shorts or T-shirts at all. So if you see someone in revealing clothes then it’s definitely a tourist. The islanders wear long-sleeve shirts, trousers or skirts of below knee length. The locals are completely non-punctual. They never come in time, but they always wear only perfectly matched clean clothes. Nobody on the island would come to work, shops or a beach in the same clothes. The locals strongly believe that there are each clothes for each case. Besides, it’s not accepted here to demonstrate one’s feelings to a girlfriend/boyfriend in public places. So, if you don’t want other people to stare at you, then it’s better to leave all those kisses and hugs untill there are only you and your partner.
One of the main activities on Lanta archipelago is beach going. There are suitable places for beach activities on both populated and uninhabited island. The most popular and one of the … Open
The local are very superstitious. People here don’t take things with their left – «dirty» – hand. Moreover, never touch somebody’s head as for Thais it’s the tenement of the soul. In addition, it extremely indecent to sit with your feet rose to someone or with your legs crossed. The locals esteem Gautama Buddha, that’s why there are so many statues depicting him. If someone would try to write something on the statues, to break off a piece of it as a «lucky memento», or to put one’s legs on it just to make a nice picture, then he or she will no doubt get a sentence.
By the way, one more option how to extend you staying on the island is to agree to try «something really good» on local parties – but then you’ll spend that time in prison. Drugs are forbidden here and there are policemen in mufti on each party to control the situation. Another thing that causes troubles to the tourists is the local legislation and the part concerning insults of the royal family. The point is that people here esteem the family greatly. For instance, for an offense of the king, you can get a real sentence. Moreover, sometimes a tourist can get into troubles through lack of knowledge; if you, for example, accidentally stepped on a banknote depicting the king, then you would be jailed. Copyright
All hotels of Ko Lanta archipelago are situated on Koh Lanta Yai, where travelers can find a vast selection of comfortable hotels, apartments and upscale resorts. Spa hotel Rawi Warin will … Open
Because of all these rules you might think that the locals are cold, reserved, strictly follow all the rules, etc. In fact, it’s not quite like this. As soon as you get to the island, you’ll meet smiling men, women, and children everywhere. The locals believe that smiling to another person, showing them all the positive and warmth attracts nobility, love, and kindness into their lives. That’s why people here keep smiling even if they have troubles. Apart from it, the islanders greet each other by bowing head and bringing palms together. This gesture is called «wai». However, you can greet only grownups in this way, not children.
Beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand As you speak to a child, add prefix «Non-», and as to an adult – prefix «Pi». Most of the locals who live in cities speak English pretty well unlike those who live in villages (so if you’d like to communicate with them you’ll have to you gestures or to learn Thai). Remember that people who live on Ko Lanta Island never refuse directly, so you’ll never get the answer «no» to your request. Instead, you’ll hear a bunch of compliments, beautiful words but no particular answer except for «let’s see tomorrow». That «tomorrow» will be endless and eventually, they’ll just ignore you.
Ko Lanta Yai is a pretty small island. Here you can buy not only souvenirs but many essential goods as well. Nevertheless, if you’re determined to go shopping and buy various clothes, … Open
It’s essential to know that completely empty plate means that you’re still hungry and want a second helping, so people here usually leave some food. The locals love having fun, national holidays and celebrating significant dates according to the Buddhist calendar. One of the most fascinating annual holidays is the Laanta Lanta Festival dedicated to the peaceful cultural diversity among the islanders. There will be people in various costumes, dances, performances, music, and national food.
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