Weather in Ko Lanta Island. Actual conditions and forecast

Map of wind conditions for Ko Lanta Island area

Map of Ko Lanta Island temperature forecast

1. You can zoom in to Ko Lanta Island using the '+' button, or check temperatures around the globe by the '-' button.
2. Besides this, you can grab the map by your mouse button and move it to see the temperature in other regions.
This temperature map is centered around Ko Lanta Island. The map is real-time and interactive.

Rain forecast for Ko Lanta Island area

1. Using the control panel above this map, you can check the rain forecast for Ko Lanta Island for any period within next 10 days.
2. Via the top control panel, you can check the following weather parameters: Temperature, Cloud cover, Precipitation, Wind and Pressure.
This precipitation forecast map is centered around Ko Lanta Island. The map is also real-time and interactive.
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More to see in Ko Lanta Island
Ko Lanta Island has been an extremely popular tourist destination during the last few years. There are not so many attractions for small children, but the older ones would have a great time here. If animation programs, kids rooms, and attractions are your top priority, than you have to look for a prestigious hotel that could provide you with it. Most of Thais believe that children are just little grown-ups, so that’s why you can see completely calm kids driving scooters with their parents even for a long distance; they also help their parents in fishing and trading. If your child’s keen on material arts, then you can go to Williams Stadium near Long Beach together. You can come here to see local Muay Thai sportsmen participating in matches on Sundays. Your child definitely won’t get bored as the matches are really spectacular and dynamic. If your kid does this kind of sports his-/herself, then you just have to visit the Lanta Muay Thai Gym where children can take classes with a professional coach. Children who are already five years old can attend training. Perhaps your kid is found of animal? Come and visit the Lanta Animal Welfare! It’s a local shelter for homeless dogs and cats; there is also a vet clinic right near the shelter. You can, for instance, not only see how all those animals live there but also take a dog for a walk or to stroke a cat. Local pets love people and enjoy weasel, so they would gladly spend time with children. And … Read further

Ko Lanta Island guide chapters

Travel guide to Ko Lanta Island

The rich history of the archipelago is the reason why Ko Lanta is home to representatives of different ethnic groups. To celebrate friendship and respect between people of different races, the island is the location of a very interesting festival that takes place every year – Laanta Lanta. The event lasts several days, during which visitors can attend various interesting music and theatre performances, and try … Open

Ko Lanta Island for children - what to visit

Maybe cats and dogs are just an ordinary thing for your child, but an elephant camp is something actually peculiar; you can find one near Long Beach (the central beach of the island). There you can see how elephants live in the camp and then have a ride on these animals. There is a butterfly park right near the camp and it would be a perfect place for nature lovers. You learn there all the development stages of the … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

Ko Lanta Yai is a pretty small island. Here you can buy not only souvenirs but many essential goods as well. Nevertheless, if you’re determined to go shopping and buy various clothes, shoes or accessories by famous brands, then it’s better to go to the continental part of the country. There are no large shopping malls on the island. On the other hand, goods by the local masters are really popular. … Open

Best beaches

One of the main activities on Lanta archipelago is beach going. There are suitable places for beach activities on both populated and uninhabited island. The most popular and one of the largest beaches is Klong Dao beach that is 3 kilometers long. It’s covered with white sand making spectacular contrast to sky-blue water. Klong Dao will appeal to discerning travelers accustomed to comfortable ambience. The beach … Open

Traditions and mentality of Ko Lanta Island

It might be a surprise to find out that people on Ko Lanta Island actually have high moral principles, even though Thailand is famous for its parties and positive attitude to transsexuals. There are no nude beaches on the island, so if you’ll try to sunbathe naked or topless, then stricken people will call the police and you’ll be fined. The locals are known for their intolerance to public nuisance so … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Most travelers who come to Ko Lanta Island expect something really exotic concerning the local cuisine. It’s believed that people on this remote and mysterious island eat fried grasshoppers, cockroaches, snakes and, of course, with extra hot sauce. In fact, you can easily find typical European, Asian or American dish on Ko Lanta Yai if you’d like to. Yes, we’re talking about burgers, pizza, noodles, … Open

Weather in the region of Ko Lanta Island

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