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Ko Lanta Sunset Ko Lanta Island consists of two adjacent islands: Koh Lanta Noi and Ko Lanta Yai. Koh Lanta Noi is hardly populated, even though a ferry arrives there regularlyy. Ko Lanta Yai is little more crowded and perhaps not that beautiful as its «neighbor», however, it may boast of great touristic infrastructure. So, the name of the island is probably originated from the name of the fish drying sieve – Lantus. Sea Gypsies who still inhabit near the island use the tool in their everyday life. The island is marked on the old Arabian maps as «Janub Lanta» (meaning «North Lanta»), but then it’s hard to define what «Lanta» actually means. Some scientists presume that the name of the islands derives from «Pulau Lun-Tuck» what means «island with a mountain in the middle» in Malaysian language.
Lanta archipelago is a part of Krabi province. The region consists of two islands. All accommodation places and resort areas are located on Ko Lanta Yai. Lanta Noi island is uninhabited, its … Open
Nevertheless, the present name was given to the island about a century ago in the time of Rama V’s regiment. Well, one of the most peculiar sights here is the Old City. Tradesmen from China and Arab countries had been using the local harbor as a transit point for many centuries so it definitely influenced the local architecture. For instance, the local Old Port reminds Hội An (Vietnam) and it highly differs from the other Thai cities. It’s located on the East Coast of the island. You can meet Chinese tradesmen and Sea Gypsies who live there even today.
Nowadays it’s much more peaceably here than it used to be thanks to the new harbor. If you want to visit the town, it’s better to do it in the evening as there are magnificent sunsets which colores streets and houses in this part of the day. It would also take just about an hour to walk around the town and enjoy local views. For example, there are many ancient buildings designed according to classical Chinese and Thai architectural traditions. Most houses stand on piles and it actually makes the settlement more charming. What is more, there are lots of «spirit houses» where Thais bring their offerings to cajole supernatural creatures. Besides, you can also see fishermen on the pier who use their fathers’ and grandfathers’ fishing devices even now. Copyright
Ko Lanta Island has been an extremely popular tourist destination during the last few years. There are not so many attractions for small children, but the older ones would have a great time … Open
The local Sea Gypsy Village is just a must see! Sea Gypsies are an ethnic minority who has been living on the Asian islands for many centuries. They are famous as people who don’t know what civilization is at all. They don’t incorporate with other ethnic groups and never change their way of living in spite of technical progress. People still live in houses on piles and do crafts and fishing. Even though Sea Gypsies don’t speak English, they don’t avoid tourists and they even can show them their own various tools, houses, tackles, etc. You can also exchange you many or something yours what a local would like to have to for a hand-made knick-knack.
Sunset - Ko Lanta \/ Thailand You can come and see Ban Saladan in the North part of the island. There are lots of ancient extraordinary houses as well. Then you can also go to the Eco Art Village. It’s not just an open-air night market where you can buy something exceptional but a real insight into local history. Local masters would really like to share secrets with you concerning this or that piece of work or even allow you to try yourself in crafting (but for a modest fee).
Most travelers who come to Ko Lanta Island expect something really exotic concerning the local cuisine. It’s believed that people on this remote and mysterious island eat fried … Open
Those who are found of authentic stuff should definitely visit ASALANTA. It’s a small hotel with space for diverse master classes. You can learn how the local build their houses, make bamboo fences, and create toys for their children from available materials. Besides, if you like lovely sunsets, then the local lighthouse is a perfect spot. You can easily see it as a ship enters the port. In case if you managed to go there by bike in the night time, you must be careful, as you could slip the turn. The lighthouse is automatic. Although the old building has hardly damaged due to wind and weather, it’s still exciting to see the true Thai piece of architecture – the lighthouse looks exactly the same as hundreds of years ago.
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