Photogallery of Ko Lanta Island, Thailand

Sunset - Ko Lanta \/ Thailand
Sunset - Ko Lanta \/ Thailand by Rushen! @flickr
Ko Lanta Sunset
Ko Lanta Sunset by Mark 2E @flickr
Ko Lanta Island
Ko Lanta Island @flickr
Beautiful beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand
Beautiful beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand @flickr
Beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand
Beach on the island Ko Lanta, Thailand @flickr
beautiful beach on Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand
beautiful beach on Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand @flickr
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand @flickr
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand @flickr
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand
beach in national parc Ko Lanta, Thailand - Strand @flickr
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More to see in Ko Lanta Island
Ko Lanta Island is a perfect destination for those who have always wanted to try themselves in the local national kind of sport – single combat. It’s Muay Thai, to be precise. Professional trainers – some of who are ex- or current national champions – work in the Lanta Muay Thai Gym and train grownups and children regardless of a level of physical training. You won’t become a great boxer just on a week, of course, or even in a month, but you can do it just for your own pleasure and then continue after you come back home. You can also watch battles between professional sportsmen on the Williams Stadium near the Long Beach every Sunday. Maybe you’re more found of nature? Then Khao Mai Kaew Caves are an ideal choice for you (only if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia). The cave-chain is tens of kilometers long; the entrance is right in the middle of the island near the Klong Toab Beach. You can enjoy seeing quirky stalactites, stalagmites, and even a quite huge cave lake. Be careful: it’s better to use the services of a professional guide (even if you visit such sights nor for the first time). It’s not that expensive and you will be much safer. If you prefer overground views to the underground ones, you can discover local jungles on foot or by a rented transport. There are various hiking routes of different length so you can easily choose the one you’d like the most. All nature-lovers have to visit the local Mu Koh Lanta … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Ko Lanta Island

Traditions and mentality of Ko Lanta Island

It’s essential to know that completely empty plate means that you’re still hungry and want a second helping, so people here usually leave some food. The locals love having fun, national holidays and celebrating significant dates according to the Buddhist calendar. One of the most fascinating annual holidays is the Laanta Lanta Festival dedicated to the peaceful cultural diversity among the islanders. … Open

Travel guide to Ko Lanta Island

Gorgeous beaches are a true pride of the archipelago. They have managed not only to retain their original beauty but also to maintain high ecological standards. Klong Dao is the largest beach in the region. Its length is approximately 3,000 meters. The beach is perfectly suitable for a family vacation. Long Beach is a fantastic choice for everyone who wants to try various water sports and entertainment. The length … Open

Ko Lanta Island for children - what to visit

Maybe cats and dogs are just an ordinary thing for your child, but an elephant camp is something actually peculiar; you can find one near Long Beach (the central beach of the island). There you can see how elephants live in the camp and then have a ride on these animals. There is a butterfly park right near the camp and it would be a perfect place for nature lovers. You learn there all the development stages of the … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

There are diverse goods made of Thai silk of high quality. For instance, a proper silk shirt would cost around baths. You can distinguish it from a fake one by a perfectly smooth surface (what is absolutely untypical for a product from the real silk). Another good idea for a present is a snake or crocodile skin. But be careful and don’t buy it directly as you could a simple bag made of a cow skin for the … Open

Best beaches

Not all beaches of Lanta are noisy and crowded. Those preferring to spend time in private ambience should pay attention to Bamboo Bay and Ao Nui, as they are far from major tourist centers. The national reserve also has two gorgeous beaches, Tanod Beach and Had Hin Ngam. They are perfect places allowing to rest in atmosphere of complete harmony. Divers should pay attention to numerous uninhabited islands located in … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

If you want to have a quick snack, Roti (a round flatbread with meat or sweet filling) or flatbread with bananas are the perfect options. Local fruit (e.g. durian, rambutan, jackfruit, rose-apples, longan) are necessarily worth trying. If you want to taste local sweets, order mint Chaokuai, Khanom chan made from rice flour and coconut milk, Tako – rice pudding, Sarim - mung bean flour noodles in sweetened coconut … Open

Top sigths of Thailand

Si Satchanalai is a great place to learn more about history of Thailand as in this city you will find interesting sights of different epochs. In the 8th century, a small settlement was founded there, and it took only few decades for that settlement to turn into a large center of trade. Ancient temples remain the biggest attraction in Si Satchanalai, and in 1988 the city was named the biggest open air museum in the country. … Open

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