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Monument outside of Chiang Mai It can be confidently said that the cuisine of Chiang Mai is quite exotic but still delicious, healthy and safe for tourists. The basis of the diet of Thais is traditionally rice, which is combined with different types of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Also, noodles are often used as a basis for dishes. Literally, all the dishes are very spicy. You can ask to make a less spicy dish, however, you will still get a dish with chilli pepper. By the way, rice is an essential ingredient of local cuisine, it helps to smooth sharp taste.
Chiang Mai is great for families with children. Of course, a long flight, spicy unusual cuisine and acclimatization can cause problems. However, if you decide to go to Thailand with a child, … Open
If you want to get acquainted with traditional cuisine, you should try the famous Tom yum – spicy soup with seafood or chicken, or another variation of soup that includes coconut milk – Tom kha. Be sure to try the green papaya salad, just keep in mind that it is usually super-spicy. Khao-Soi is a traditional Thai soup, which is similar to curry. There are many cafes in Chiang Mai that serve this particular dish. Most Europeans are disappointed with Asian sweets.
It is better to order fruits, they will definitely please you with their taste and refresh after spicy main dishes. You should try coconut balls khanom luuk chup or local meringue Fou Thong. If you like exotic food, be sure to visit a market and try insects fried in oil and various reptiles-scorpions, grasshoppers, spiders and caterpillars. It will be an interesting experience for a tourist to try this food- they will definitely tell about it at home. Of course, you should eat fruit here! Seasons are different but at any time of the year, you can find delicious ripe fruits that are extremely cheap here. Copyright
Buddhism plays an important role in the life of Thais. You can see monks on the streets at dawn collecting alms, and most young people go to the temple for a kind of obedience after reaching … Open
You should look for cheap fruit somewhere out of town –prices for visitors in tourist areas are overstated as everywhere else. If you buy products in Chiang Mai, it is better to go to the supermarket-the price will be lower than in the market. You can eat pineapple or papaya or quench your thirst with coconut milk right on the go. Alcohol here is mostly imported because drinking alcohol is not a national feature of Thai people. Local drinks include beer, wine and whiskey.
Chiang Mai Beer is pretty good quality and inexpensive product, but if you prefer more familiar varieties, you can freely find «Heineken» and « Carlsberg». Local whiskey is cheap, but high quality drink, one of the most popular is Mekhong and there is more expensive Song Thip. Imported wine is expensive, and the local is not very good quality, but you can try something exotic like pineapple wine or palm wine. Thais prefer to buy ready meals, so the streets are full of stalls and tents offering traditional food.
The most popular tourist temple is Wat Phra Singh. It is located in the Old Town on Thanon Ratchadamnoen street. You should definitely visit this place, even if the temples are not included … Open
However, there are two drawbacks: the terrible smell of such «cafes», and dishes served here are too spicy. Cleaner and more decent establishments are canteens and food courts in shopping centres. There is quite a varied menu and affordable prices. There is such a specific tradition as supper in Kantok style-a meal accompanied by a show. One of the most popular places is the Chiang Mai Cultural Centre, the majority of tourists come here.
Anusarn market is a very picturesque place where you can try Thai food. It is located near Thnaon Chang Klan street, where you can find many food stalls. Many sellers offer only one dish, so everything is prepared quickly here. Vegetarians can visit Aum Vegetarian Food cafe at 65 Thanon Moonmuang. Another place for vegans - Chiang Mai Vegetatrian Centre (Thanon Muang Aom). This place has a traditional design and good cuisine, however, you can come only in the morning.
Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains. Go to Doi Ang Khang, there are gorgeous views and real mountains, but it is cold here in winter. However, you can explore caves here. The most famous … Open
The Gallery (25 Thanon Charoenrat) is another Thai restaurant. This riverside location offers not only delicious food but also has a great interior with terraces and paintings by local artists. One of the most authentic restaurants in Chiang Mai - Huen Phen (112 Thanon Ratchamanka), its interior is decorated in a traditional style, and the dishes are quite inexpensive here. Whole Earth is a colourful restaurant, there is a different cuisine, both vegetarian and traditional. The restaurant is located in a traditional house with porches and a large garden (88 Thanon Sri dornchai).
the queen pagoda, chiang mai You can eat a pie or a sandwich or have breakfast with a croissant in an Amazing Sandwich (Thanonn 252/3 Phra Pokklao). Many foreigners prefer to eat in the Art café (291 Thanon Tha Pae), there are traditional continental breakfasts and set lunches of European dishes, you can order a pizza or a sandwich, there is a large selection of soups and salads, including Thai dishes.
1. There is a temperate climate in Chiang Mai, from November to February the average daily temperature is comfortable, and this is the best time to travel to Thailand. From March to June – … Open
Bierstube offers German-Thai menu. Large portions and affordable prices make this place popular with locals and budget tourists (33/6 Thanon Moonmuang). If you are limited in funds, then take a look at Daret's, this place is also characterized by mild dishes, so it will please any traveller. (4 Thanon Chaiyapoom).
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