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Pattaya, Thailand The city of Pattaya offers numerous restaurants of different trends fitting every taste and budget. Pattaya guests will discover a vast choice of eating houses of Thai cuisine. The menu of the ethnic restaurants will fit the taste of those tourists who can not imagine any meal without dainty sea foods. The best restaurants of ethnic cuisine which specialize in cooking sea foods are located in the Walking Street. Many in demand restaurants are located on the premises of large hotels.
Rich cultural traditions are of real pride for local folks. Ancient crafts, bright and symbolic holidays and festivals, inimitable folk costumes and dressing, charming music and friendly and … Open
European cuisine fans as well as prudent tourists will love numerous restaurants of the Sizzler chain which are located in the largest shopping and entertaining centers of Pattaya being the Central Festival Pattaya Beach and Royal Garden Plaza centers. Each restaurant offers a so called salad-bar which visitors may enjoy unlimited salads, first courses and cold snacks for a fixed cost.
Italian cuisine restaurants are as well popular among resort residents and guests. The most popular Italian eating house is the Hopf restaurant. It offers its guests a vast choice of traditional Neapolitan cuisine. The restaurant possesses its own brew house which turns it into the best place for beer fans to visit. Pizzas in the Hopf restaurant are cooked in genuine wood burning stove which gives this Italian treat a special taste and flavor. Copyright
The resort of Pattaya will be of great pleasure and interest for hiking fans who like to explorr scenic nature areas on foot and to visit different reserves and nature parks. However, apart … Open
Japanese cuisine connoisseurs should necessarily pay a visit to the Zen, Fuji and Yayoi restaurants. The first one features a rich choice of exotic treats meanwhile other two restaurants will meet the guests not only with dainty dishes but with affordable pricing policy as well. Another interesting place to eat in Pattaya is the Shabu Shi restaurant. The eating house offers its visitors to choose the ingredients for their favorite treats on their own. However the restaurant also offers a set menu. The restaurants of the Shabu Shi chain are located in large shopping centers as well and on the Beach Street.
Aisawan resort, Pattaya Among Chinese cuisine restaurants the MK eating houses are of the ultimate popularity among city residents and guests. The restaurants serve popular Chinese treats – most in demand Peking Duck, original accompaniments made of noodle and rice as well as stunning delicious desserts. Exotic treats fans will hardly find a better place to rest than the Caramel restaurant. The eating house will be of great interest for those who will dare try roast grasshoppers and scorpions, crocodile meat and other original dishes being the main feature of ethnic cuisine. The menu of the Caramel restaurant will also offer mouth watering treats for traditional cuisine admirers. The guests of the eating house will be able to complement the dainty meals with a glass of astonishing wine from the rich wine list.
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Unique sights around Pattaya

Temple of Emerald Buddha

From the series “The Most Iconic Temples in the World”
As the legend tells, the lightning strikes the small ceramic mortar in 1434. The mortar was split and the unique artifact was discovered. For a long time, the statue belonged to King Rama I, and was moved to his own temple at his command. Since then the statue has been very respected Every three months, the monks put them in the new clothes. And the place of delivery is never empty in the temple. Besides the unique statue, you can see the beautiful frescoes that represent Buddha's life in the temple. On the adjacent territory and in the temple itself is presented a lot of other sculptures, including the statue of the royal family of the Chakri dynasty, as well as the strange mythical being. For several centuries, two majestic bronze lions have protected the entrance into the temple. … Read further

Fried Grasshoppers in Bangkok Restaurants

From the series “The Most Disgusting Dishes in the World”
For residents of Thailand, fried insects has long moved into the category of everyday and affordable food, while tourists still treat them as delicacies. It’s better to taste exotic treats at the markets where they are sold in large trays. Some sell very small fried grasshoppers, while others try to offer impressively large locusts. The latter, as experts assure, is much tastier than small ones. Grasshopper is eaten in a special way. It’s better to tear off tough head and tarsus. The popular Thai appetizer tastes a bit like roasted salted seeds. … Read further

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

From the series “The World's Tallest Hotels”
Thrill-seekers will have an opportunity to make a trip with the high-speed panoramic elevator, whose floor and the walls are made of high-grade glass. Those, who prefer the great outdoors, have access to the Bangkok Balcony terrace. Hotel restaurants are also ideal for observing the surroundings. Built in 1997, the scyscraper is known to tourists from around the world. It is extremely popular with bungee jumping fans, in 2002 Norwegian sportsmen chose the Tower for the next jump and set a world record. … Read further

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