Photogallery of Chiang Mai Region, Thailand

the queen pagoda, chiang mai
the queen pagoda, chiang mai by Preetamrai @flickr
Chiang Mai Region
Chiang Mai Region by Serraboten @flickr
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai by Electrostatico @flickr
Monument outside of Chiang Mai
Monument outside of Chiang Mai by Chadica @flickr
Chiang Mai Region
Chiang Mai Region by Kenner116 @flickr
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai by _E.T @flickr
New side wihaan - Wat Phra Singh
New side wihaan - Wat Phra Singh by Avlxyz @flickr
Chiang Mai Region
Chiang Mai Region by Manbartlett @flickr
Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai
Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai by Ozmark17 @flickr
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More to see in Chiang Mai Region
Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains. Go to Doi Ang Khang, there are gorgeous views and real mountains, but it is cold here in winter. However, you can explore caves here. The most famous are Tham Lod and Chiang Dao. Be sure to climb Doi Suthep Mountain. You can walk together with pilgrims, hundreds of them come here annually in May and go to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, or explore the amazing nature Park Doi Suthep. Those who are fond of meditation should attend courses at Wat Umong. You will be provided with free accommodation and food, and you can stay here for any period, you just need to make a donation before leaving. Another place where you can learn to meditate is Wat Sri Gerd, located in the heart of the Old Town. You can also just talk to the monks here. If you are a real naturalist- don’t miss the chance to watch local birds. The nature of the Northern region is surprisingly diverse and attracts thousands of amateur ornithologists every year. The best place for this is Doi Inthanon National Park. If you want to fly like a bird, go to the Mae Rim mountain district There are all conditions for extreme time spending, but it is safe enough for bungee jumping. Vicinity of the city provides excellent conditions for a mountain bike. You can not just ride on the slopes, but also to go on an organized trip to the mountain tribes. There are many mountain rivers and rivulets in the province – there are excellent conditions for rafting and kayaking. … Read further

Chapters of the guide to Chiang Mai Region

Chiang Mai Region for children - what to visit

You can also walk around the village, where are many souvenir shops and shops selling traditional clothes, utensils, figurines, and some items are made right before your eyes. The village is located on San Kamphaeng highway, near Chiang Mai. If you are going to Chiang Mai in winter, there is a Children's day in January. The main place of action is the air force base of Thailand and large shopping centres. Festive … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

You should go to San Guarantee for traditional ceramics. It is not easy to get here, it is best to book a tour, or rent a bike or a scooter. Silk products can also be bought in the village. You should go to Bo Sang, where the factory of Thai paper umbrellas is located. Be sure to look at the unusual green porcelain-Celadon, it is almost extinct technology of ceramics is still found here. Small factory Mengrai … Open

Advices for travellers

8. Hailing a taxi, pay attention to the presence of the meter in the car, it will allow you to avoid overpayment and unpleasant explanations with the driver. 9. Since the city is large, then try to count the time with a margin, there is a chance to get in traffic jams. 10.Thais are very friendly to visitors, they are calm, smiling and always ready to help. 7. You should be careful about renting a … Open

Travel guide to Chiang Mai Region

A visit to the Sunday market is something that travelers shouldn’t neglect. The market opens weekly in Chiang Mai. Sellers and artisans from the nearby regions bring their wares to the market. It is a great place to purchase various interesting souvenirs, inexpensive clothes, jewelry in the national style, and artworks. In some outlets, it is possible to find interesting antique items. Of course, the Sunday … Open

Traditions and mentality of Chiang Mai Region

Children's Day (second Saturday in January) is widely celebrated in Chiang Mai. There are concerts and processions, children's competitions and entertainment activities. Balls and flowers are everywhere. You can hear music everywhere and ride different rides. In the evening, hundreds of fireworks are launched into the sky. On February 9, the whole country celebrates Magha Puja, the day of paying homage to … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

The Gallery (25 Thanon Charoenrat) is another Thai restaurant. This riverside location offers not only delicious food but also has a great interior with terraces and paintings by local artists. One of the most authentic restaurants in Chiang Mai - Huen Phen (112 Thanon Ratchamanka), its interior is decorated in a traditional style, and the dishes are quite inexpensive here. Whole Earth is a colourful restaurant, … Open

Top sigths of Thailand

Si Satchanalai is a great place to learn more about history of Thailand as in this city you will find interesting sights of different epochs. In the 8th century, a small settlement was founded there, and it took only few decades for that settlement to turn into a large center of trade. Ancient temples remain the biggest attraction in Si Satchanalai, and in 1988 the city was named the biggest open air museum in the country. … Open

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