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Roman amphitheater Amman Jordan Amman cuisine is somewhat like the Palestinian and Lebanese ones. The local restaurants are full of various dishes that are usually served in Syrian or Arab restaurants. Shawarma is one of the most popular dishes among tourists and locals. Local chefs always pay much attention and great care to the cooking of this dish. First thin pancakes are backed for this dish. Then pieces of meat and aromatic herbs are wrapped in them. Any sort of meat except pork can be used in the preparation of this dish. Eating pork is prohibited to the local people due to religious customs.
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Mensaf is another well-known dish which is often prepared on holidays. It is made of lamb, which should be boiled in sour cream, and then served on a table with braised rice. Mensaf will be surely liked by fans of meat dishes. Due to such an unusual method of cooking the lamb becomes surprisingly soft. The dish named Adas is no less popular. The taste of Adas is somewhat like a traditional risotto, but yellow lentils are usually used instead of rice. The lentils are usually braised together with chicken meat. In order to make the dish more spicy, the locals add a little of lemon juice. The people of Amman eat this dish literally every day.
The restaurants of the local cuisine will surely offer their guests to try the dish named maklube. This is a hearty casserole with lamb (or chicken), potatoes, rice and eggplants. The meat is fried with eggplants and potatoes in a large frying pan, then rice is poured on top and the casserole is stewed on small heat. When the dish is ready, it is carefully flipped onto a large platter, so the rice becomes the bottom layer and the vegetables and meat are on the top. Copyright
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When it comes to first course dishes, the most famous soup is called mulukhiyah. The soup is made from several types of meat. The traditional ingredients of the dish are rabbit and chicken; rice is also added to the soup, usually seasoned with various herbs. Vegetarians are recommended to try the pea patties that are fried in sesame oil - they are very crispy and delicious. Drinks are worth a separate mentioning. The anise vodka arrack is the most popular strong spirit drink. It is usually served with ice or simply mixed with water. In each restaurant you will be offered to try coffee with cardamom - fans of this flavored drink will be surely delighted with its unusual taste and aroma.
The Citadel Amman Jordan Despite the fact that there are restaurants featuring different gastronomic traditions of the world in Amman, travelers are still primarily interested in restaurants specializing in the national cuisine. Guests of the city will find all most famous dishes of the Middle Eastern cuisine at Jarfa. This popular restaurant is open in the heart of the capital’s historic district. The opening of this restaurant took place in 1939. Jarfa was founded by Palestinians who were driven out of their land. It is believed that this restaurant offers authentic Palestinian food cooked in accordance with classic recipes. Travelers will find nutritious soups and numerous meat dishes there. The restaurant has an original design that hasn’t almost changed since its opening.
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Kebab is a signature dish of Burj Al Hamam restaurant that offers a modern take on the Middle Eastern cuisine. It offers kebab made not only of different types of meat but also fish and vegetables, so even vegetarian guests will easily find suitable dishes there. The restaurant also offers the most popular local pastries. Finish your meal with a delicious fruit dessert.
Roman Remains at Amman Fans of refined dining establishments will genuinely enjoy their visit to Fakhreldin. This restaurant offers many Middle Eastern and Lebanese cuisine dishes. Fakhreldin has an elegant and modern design. The restaurant will surely please visitors who are not yet acquainted with the peculiarities of the national cuisine. Guests of this restaurant will be able to try different variations of traditional Meze snacks and learn more about the main peculiarities of the national culinary traditions.
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Abu Jbara is a great choice for all travelers who want to relax in a casual atmosphere. Experienced travelers say that this restaurant is one of the best places to try the authentic Arabian cuisine. All food is quite simple and resembles the everyday food of local people. Affordable prices are one more advantage of Abu Jbara. This restaurant is great for trying nutritious meat soups, fresh vegetable salads, and salted olives that are so popular among local people, traditional Pita, and many other types of local bread.
Fans of desserts always recommend visiting Habibah Sweets café that offers a wide range of popular Arabian desserts. This café prepares Kanafeh that is available in different flavors. Some desserts have a truly incredible look. This confectionery and café also offers takeaway desserts that visitors can grab and then enjoy later.
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National cuisine of Jordan

Tourists thinking of a place to dine are not limited to the national cuisine only. There are many restaurants specializing in Japanese, Chinese, and European cuisines. They are suitable for everyone who doesn’t like experimenting and prefers the tastes they know. However, to feel the true heritage of the Middle East, it is still better to visit dukkan. This is an establishment that offers a broad range of Middle Eastern dishes. The atmosphere, hospitality, service – everything is authentic and in line with the traditions of the region. … Open

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