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Doron Cinema Center in Tel Aviv Of course, in order to feel the magnificent atmosphere of Tel Aviv, one needs to visit this place, walk on charming streets of the historical center, visit local cafes, and enjoy the look of the local landmarks - Azrieli center, Great Synagogue, Cameri Theater, . In order to make your virtual tour to the city more interactive, we offer an unusual opportunity to fly over every notable landmark of Tel Aviv. Simply start the video, and use the full-screen mode. Each landmark comes with extra information, containing a collection of interesting facts and a photo gallery. Let’s go!

Azrieli center, Tel Aviv

Location on the map:   Facts:
» Towers in Tel Aviv were built at the expense of the Canadian businessmen Azrieli. So, they are named after him.
» There are three skyscrapers of different shape - round, square, and triangular - create a single complex.
» The appearance of huge buildings changes during the day: in the morning, they are hidden in the clouds: in the afternoon, they are visible in all their grace; in the evening, they gleam with illumination lights.
» The trading platform at the bottom serves as a fixing “bridge”. It consists of 30 restaurants, 200 fashion boutiques, and 8 cinemas. Children can have fun in the playground with a pool.
» There is a railway near the building. The round 187-meter construction is higher than other houses. It was built in 1999.
» Azrieli Observatory is situated at the top 49th level. You can reach it by the lift through the third level. You can use binoculars and the services of the audio guide telling about significant sites in the city.
» Each floor has 84 windows. There are 8 thousand in total. Due to them, the skyscraper resembles a sparkling cylinder with its appearance. There is also a restaurant. Two other skyscrapers are shorter, 169 m and 154 m correspondingly.
» These high constructions are located in the modern part of the city.

Great Synagogue, Tel Aviv

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The mandatory fee was established to build the Great Synagogue. Baron Rothschild contributed much to the fundraising. So, the Synagogue was opened in 1925.
» As for its appearance, it is impossible to detect that it is a cult construction. It is surrounded by multiple columns and resembles a centipede.
» The pillars are wrapped with tapes with spikes not to let anyone climb them. The central entrance is decorated with the bas-relief depicting the ancient synagogue.
» The building with a prayer room is covered with a dome. Its framework is a reinforced concrete construction.
» The light comes from extraordinary lamps. Glass apertures represent the windows of synagogues that were destroyed during the Holocaust.
» Their acoustics is impressive because even the whisper is clearly heard.
» In the Great Synagogue, there is a wide staircase high off the ground. There are decorative music instruments above the entrance. The building can welcome 1100 visitors. The Synagogue is located in the business part of the city.
» Wedding ceremonies, festive meals, and other events can be held here. There are also classes where you can study the basics of Judaism.

Cameri Theater, Tel Aviv

Location on the map:   Facts:
» The city theatre was founded in 1944.
» Every year, it is visited by almost a million people.
» Many plays and more than 10 performances premier every theater season. They are stages in several languages.
» The theatre building was built in the stylish modern architectural style in 2003.
» It consists of five halls. The biggest one accommodates 930 seats. There is a separate zone for rehearsals. 160 people can attend a rehearsal.
» The Cameri Theater is the participant of the state action program the Peace Foundation. It is aimed at uniting the Israelis and the Palestinians for art. The important merit of theatre actors is that they gained the State Israeli Prize in 2005.
» It is considered as the oldest theatre in the country.
» Many theatrical performances embody contemporary life but exactly the Cameri Theater is taking the lead in this field.
» Actors work really hard when they play in Hebrew. The theatre also promotes the works of Israeli classic and modern writers.
» The management of the theatre had developed the program for preferential services for students and retirees.
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The old town with an unusual name Old Jaffa is considered the best place to explore, as there are the important cultural and historical sites. The district was completely renovated; at the same time it has managed to retain the charm of the past centuries. At every step you can see interesting buildings dating back to different eras. Many old houses today house popular restaurants, shops and museums making area exploring even more interesting. Speaking of cultural institutions in Tel Aviv, it’s certainly worth to mention the Beit Gidi Etzel Museum. Its exposition is dedicated to the period of Jewish struggle for the independence. No less interesting is the collection of the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Hagana Museum), which occupies one of the buildings of the local university. The most ambitious scientific and historical center of the city is the Museum Eretz Yisrael, which name translates as the ‘Museum of the Land of Israel.’ The museum was opened in 1953; its walls house a rich collection of exhibits dedicated to the culture and traditions of local people. Its collection of ancient scrolls is considered to be the most valuable ever; scientists are working with it till nowadays. There is also an impressive architectural landmark such as the Azrieli Observatory in the city. Two completely different skyscrapers form a very harmonious complex. The height of the towers is 187 and 169 meters. First floors of skyscrapers are occupied by the country's largest … Read further

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