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While walking in the city, it is easy to see many interesting architectural and natural landmarks, beautiful monuments and fountains, and visit interesting museums and galleries. One of the most famous landmarks of the region is located on a bank of the Venta River. It is Ventspils Castle that once belonged to the Livonian Order. The gorgeous building was finished more than eight centuries ago. The castle is the oldest building in the city. Actually, the city of Ventspils was formed around the castle. During its long history, the gorgeous fortress changed its purpose several times. For many years it was nothing but a prison. Nowadays, its gorgeous halls exhibit a priceless collection of the Museum of History. Fans of outdoor activities should definitely visit the Jurmalas Park that is particularly popular with families. The park has various attractions, including quite unusual, such as the Jungle Path. This is a large complex of bridges and ropeways surrounded by exotic plants. Besides that, there is a museum in the park, several playgrounds for children, and other amusements. The exhibition of the Jurmalas Museum includes an interesting collection of wooden sculptures created by local craftsmen in 2001. The museum’s opening ceremony took place at the same time with the Poplar Art festival. There is an interesting story connected with this name. Blooming poplars have caused much trouble to inhabitants of the city, so the tree is eliminated slowly in Ventspils, and … Read further

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Advices for travellers

5. Do not walk on the lawn and pick flowers in public parks. All plants and trees are protected. When you plan to make a picnic, make sure to use specially designated areas only. 6. The sale of alcohol is banned in all supermarkets and shops from 22:00 until 8:00. 7. When you plan to make a walk after sunset, it is recommended to use special light reflectors that are available in almost … Open

Hotels for romantic escape

Travelers who've long dreamed of spending vacations in a secluded setting will appreciate Brivdienu Maja Amrai Holiday House. It is designed for two persons and located in one of the most picturesque areas of the city. From the bustle of the surrounding streets, the cottage is safely hidden behind dense thickets of a garden. The house is decorated with very beautiful designer furniture and living plants, and a … Open

Stylish hotels

A modest and seemingly unremarkable at first glance, Viesu Nams Dzirkali also offers an original design and rooms decorated in different styles. Romantic double rooms are decorated in a black-and-white color scheme, adorned with skillful wall paintings. Colorful bed linens stand in contrast to the main interior idea. Besides cozy rooms full of designer decorations, the hotel is ready to offer customers individual … Open

Ventspils for children - what to visit

The most popular amusement park in the city is Ventspils Children’s Town. This is a real children’s playground, in which there is entertainment for everyone. There is a magnificent water park with swimming pools and a variety of water attractions, and there is a spacious playground on which kids can ride on miniature cars. Huge trampolines in the open air, a large selection of extreme ride and sports … Open

Travel guide to Ventspils

Lovers of natural attractions, too, will not be bored. They will be able to visit the Moricsala national reserve. The area of ​​this reserve is more than 800 hectares. It is located on the island of Moritz and was founded in 1957. One of the main attractions of the reserve is the beautiful Lake Usma-See. Also, it is striking in the diversity of the plant world. In the reserve, there are fewer than one and a … Open

Traditions and mentality of Ventspils

Ventspils City Festival is a two day long event that remains one of the most popular and beloved celebrations among both locals and travelers. The holiday schedule is always packed with interesting activities that include the traditional Baltic Flower Carpet Festival and a glorious parade. During the City Festival, numerous squares in the central part of Ventspils become an open-air venue for performances of … Open

Overview of festivals and celebrations in Latvia

Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are the days when Easter is celebrated in Latvia. They fall on the days between March 22 and April 25. Eggs are still often painted using onion peel, chamomile, and other natural dyes. It is believed that one who eats such an egg without salt will lie throughout the summer. People hit each other's eggs, and the ones whose eggs do not break are believed to live longer. … Open

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