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Riga - Schwarzhaupterhaus The charming city of Riga is saturated with a fairy tale atmosphere and romance. The capital of Latvia began its development in the Middle Ages as a port city: rich merchants gathered here and the powerful masters of the Levon Order built their stone castles. Today Riga is the largest city in the Baltic States with a huge number of attractions and memorable places. The appearance of the political, cultural and economic center of the country is determined by rich buildings in the Art Nouveau style, beautiful park complexes, as well as typical buildings that have remained since Soviet times. The Old City, decorated with wonderful houses, small shops, and restaurants, belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO today.
Riga is famous for various nightlife institutions. Music lovers, connoisseurs of fine food, and dance lovers will surely be able to find here a perfect place for relaxation that will fit … Open
Riga is known as the most expensive Baltic city. Moreover, the extraordinary hospitality of Riga residents will amuse you. Locals are kind and polite people, but the main feature of the Latvian mentality is individualism and irresistible desire to rely on oneself only. Latvians are mostly reserved, withdrawn, laconic, especially when it comes to dealing with strangers or unfamiliar people. Observance of the distance, restraint, and caution, tolerance to neighbors are characteristic signs of the Latvian mentality.
With great respect, the traditions of ancestors are kept in Latvia - the roots of modern culture go to Latvian folklore, and it is clearly seen during the Janov's Day celebration, at the grandiose Song and Dance Festival, in folk handicrafts, at ceremonial holidays in museums and other events. Latvian culture to this day has preserved a lot of traditional traits, often rooted in pre-Christian times. According to the national calendar, the year in Latvia is divided into four parts, the top of each of which is its own holiday, connected by the solstice or equinox. Winter - Christmas, spring - Easter, summer - Ligo and Ivanov day, autumn - Apyumibas. Copyright
1. Tourists are recommended to visit the central market for shopping tours as this is the place where you can buy just about anything, from fresh food to souvenirs. Don’t forget to … Open
In Riga, as well as in all Latvia, the main holiday of the year is Ligo. In fact, it consists of two holidays: Ligo, which is held on June 23 and Saint Ivan Day - June 24. People like to celebrate these events on nature with family, friends, and picnic. Although the church calendar of the summer solstice and coincides with the day of St. Ivan, the Latvian holiday of Ligo remained completely pagan. On Ligo, it is accepted to bake bread, cook cheese and beer. On this night, people are singing folk songs, picking bouquets, weaving wreaths and letting them on the river. Moreover, especially on this night, young couples must jump across the fire, holding hands. And it is also desirable to go to the forest in search of a flowering fern.
Riga at night time The characteristic holiday of spring in Riga is the Count of May Holiday. This is the only medieval carnival based on one of the oldest cultural traditions of Riga and is dedicated to the arrival of spring and the election of the best Riga's defender. Any man can participate and prove his valor, dexterity, and courage. The man who wins - gets the title of the Count of May and, according to the old tradition, has the right to choose a lady of heart from among all the women of the city and call here the Countess of May. This couple will become a symbol of the holiday for a whole year - until the next festival. Within the framework of the festival, you will find here a knight tournament and light tournament, theatrical performances on medieval themes using the authentic historical facts of the history of Riga, a contest for the best stylization of the medieval costume, a fair of craftsmen, and immersion in medieval everyday life revealing the secrets of the medieval city.
Millions of travelers limit their excursion program to visiting the Old Town of Riga only, and that’s a mistake! There are so many wonderful landmarks outside the historic center. If … Open
The second important holiday is Christmas, which is held on December 25. Christmas holiday absorbed here more Christian traits. On this day, many Latvians gather in the groups and go to the church, while on the streets they install the set of compositions with Christmas scenes. If you are planning your trip to Latvia on December, prepare your tummy for trying the traditional Christmas dish here - boiled peas with the fried meat. According to the tradition, all cooked peas must be finished this day - that the tears of the past year did not remain in the next one. In Latvia, people enjoy celebrating Christmas more than the New Year.
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Unique landmarks in Riga and around

Office of Evolution Gaming

From the series “Futuristic buildings of IT companies”
Travelers can see the original building with a glass tower while walking around Riga. The well-known company Evolution Gaming purchased this building for 12.4 million euros a few years ago. It is a major provider of IT services. The company has expanded significantly in recent years. This required the purchase of a new office building. The choice was made on one of the original buildings in Riga. The main representative office of this company in Europe is located in the capital of Latvia today. … Read further

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