Colors of Kaunas - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Cultural values and traditions are, without a doubt, one of the most important life aspects of citizens of the city. Here we should definitely notice the richness of the local folk culture that has been lost by so many inhabitants of modern cities. In Kaunas various ancient festivals, fairs and festivals are organized even these days. As a rule, each of them is accompanied with performances of folk groups. National songs are very popular in the country in general - there are several thousand of them. All kinds of fairy tales, legends and proverbs, the age of which is more than one hundred years, are no less popular.
Local people are very hard-working. This character trait has even found its reflection in the folk art. Most of the songs are devoted to work and labor. Even fairy tales and legends tell stories about brave and hard-working heroes. There are special literature classes in schools, during which children learn ancient myths and fairy tales, so even small kids are familiar with national folklore. Many national holidays are connected with various religious traditions. One of such holidays and one of the most popular festivals in the city is called Uzgavenes. This holiday also marks the beginning of Lent.
This colorful carnival is particularly loved by children, because delicious pancakes and sweets are the main treat of this wonderful event. The carnival is held on the last days of February. Saying “goodbye” to winter is always accompanied by parades, musical performances and funny activities for children. Collective performances remain one of the main features of local culture. Performances of choirs and various dance groups during holidays and celebrations have become a tradition. Copyright
The most famous and largest shopping center in Kaunas is Acropolis. Hundreds of shops, as well as an excellent cinema and restaurants, are represented on its four floors. In total, the … Open
Travellers, who visit local markets and craft shops, will be surely amazed by a huge choice of interesting souvenirs and household items, which are made by local craftsmen. Items made of wood are particularly popular with tourists. Numerous home decorations of different designs and even handmade furniture are real masterpieces that cannot leave anyone indifferent. If wood carving remains the most popular “male” craft, women are usually skilled weavers. The markets of Kaunas are the place where tourists can get incredibly beautiful towels and tablecloths, bedding and clothing decorated with embroidery. Handmade clothes, wool sweaters or shawls will become a great memorable gift, so no wonder why they are very popular with tourists.
Music lovers will feel "like a fish in water" at the Kaunas Jazz Festival, which can be visited in late April. The venue is Žalgirio Arena where both world-famous stars and those who have not yet won global recognition perform for the audience. The event starts in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and ends with a powerful and spectacular concert in Kaunas. Akacijų Alėja Open-Air Festival held in the town of Kulautuva in the vicinity of Kaunas provides an excellent opportunity to charge with positive energy for a long time, enjoying camping and popular high-quality music. It is possible to visit it at the beginning of hot July.
Probably, only Vilnius can be called a competitor of Kaunas as in this city you will find as many historical sights and signature places, as in the capital of the country. The old part of … Open
Attending Atataria Lamzdžiai Folklore Festival, which is traditionally held in May, is the best way to get acquainted with the local culture. The holiday is widely celebrated all over the country, while in Kaunas it takes place on the central streets of the city. Every year a certain theme is chosen to be followed by all the festival's participants. Entertainment offered here includes music and dance performances, art exhibitions, as well as craft fairs where one can buy some unique things created by hands of local artisans. The Pažaislis music festival whose venue is the monastery of the same name will appeal to fans of classical music - chamber performances are held within the shrine's walls throughout the summer.
Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Kaunas The Aura Festival annually held in early October is popular among admirers of spectacular dance performances. It is dedicated to contemporary dance, so concert halls and theaters open their doors to all connoisseurs of dance art. Among the participants are dance groups that came from all over the world - however, local troupes perform for visitors too. Another interesting festival dedicated to contemporary music is called Iš arti. It is held in November and participated by local musicians, which means it is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Lithuania's popular music.
One of the main children’s attractions of Kaunas is the Lithuanian Zoo - an amazing, beautiful and attractive place. In this zoological garden, dozens of cages are equipped for … Open
Tourists often visit the colorful kite festival Tarp žemės ir dangaus, which falls on late April - early May. It is held on the banks of the Neman River near Zapyškio Šv. Jono Krikštytojo Bažnyčia. Visiting the event means getting a charge of positive emotions for a long time. And all thanks to the colorful and friendly atmosphere that reigns here at the festival. Cinema buffs from all over the world come to the Kaunas International Film Festival, which is held in late November. Its program includes screenings of the latest movies, seminars, meet-and-greets. Well, fashionistas would never ignore Design Week, a fashion festival held for one week in May. Its venues are multiple cultural institutions of the city.
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National traditions of Lithuania

An integral part of the life of any Lithuanian is a song. In ancient times, Lithuania was called the land of songs. The greatest popularity has choir singing and various folk ensembles. In the last week of May, there is a folklore singing festival in Vilnius, which attracts more and more guests every year. … Open

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