Colors of Hua Hin - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

InterContinental Hua Hin The local culture is full of interesting features; it can be very enjoyable and informative exercise to study them all. One of the main features of national culture is a special way of greeting named Wai. Greeting each other, local people join hands at chest level and slightly incline their heads showing respect. It is remarkable that such a form of greeting isn’t applied to children.
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Wai is one of the main ways to show respect for the opponent. During conversation they can call the name of the interlocutor after the word Pi; it will once again emphasize the special attitude. Locals observe a lot of interesting traditions, many of which have appeared thousands of years ago.
Thus, they believe head to be the sacred part of the body, so when communicating don’t touch the head of the interlocutor in any case, even with friendly intent. According to this tradition, it is impossible to pet heads of children, as well as to lose a coin, as the head of the king is depicted on it. According to another old tradition, you can’t enter the house in shoes, as it is considered a sign of bad manners and lack of respect for owners. Copyright
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Residents treat their homes with great trepidation and believe they are guarded by good spirits. While walking around the city you can see small colorful constructions close to some houses; in such a way locals are making homes for guardian spirits. It is remarkable that such facilities are close not only to residential buildings, but also to entrances of some banks and office buildings. Near tiny houses there are always small dishes with fruits, sweets and fresh flowers, as townspeople are trying to appease spirits and ask them for protection.
Hua Hin Citizens treat tourists with a share of curiosity and respect, especially those who are interested in the local culture. It isn’t difficult to gain their favour; it is enough to learn several simple phrases and not to forget accepted norms of behavior. During a walk through the city don’t talk and laugh loudly. The public expression of feelings, even between legitimate spouses, is not accepted. The desire to know the local culture is sure to be appreciated by citizens.
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Station Hua Hin

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