Colors of Ko Tao Island - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

When you are going to Ko Tao, pay attention to some peculiarities of Thai mentality and laws. The most important thing is on any circumstances not to offend the royal family. That, if you don’t have any desire to spend the next twenty-thirty years in prison. You should also stay as far away from the narcotics as you can. Any of it. The rules for this are very strict and the police won’t care that you are a foreigner. You will also have troubles with the law if you smoke a bong or an electronic cigarette, which are also forbidden on the island as well as in the rest of Thailand. There is also no need to bring a quadcopter – you will have to register it at the police office, which is not an easy procedure, especially if you don’t speak Thai.
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Another nuance you should remember when renting a motorbike or a car: don’t leave your passport as collateral. There is a high chance that the crooked owners will ask you to pay for the non-existent repairing of a vehicle to get your document back. If you don’t have an A-category driving license and an additional insurance, the insurance company won’t cover the cost for the hospital in case of an accident, even if it wasn’t your fault. There will also be no payment if you consumed any amount of alcohol before the accident.
When talking to a Thai, remember that the head is a sacred part of the body for the locals and you shouldn’t touch it. It is also unacceptable to give or take something with an “unclean” left hand, which they use here for the hygiene. On the whole, the locals are quite conservative, and they disapprove of any disturbance from the travelers, even out of ignorance. The inhabitants of Ko Tao speak in calm and moderate tone, keeping a smile on a face. Thai smile everywhere and always and they expect a smile and a calm tone from the person they are talking to. The important thing is to just smile without a reason. Copyright
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The locals are not very punctual. However, Thai always look neat and appropriate wherever they are. They greet each other by putting their palms together and lowering a head a little. The locals are very superstitious by the way. To visit an astrologist to ask about the luckiest date for the wedding is a common thing here. The wedding ceremony is not actually easy for the bride, as, according to the tradition, she has to change ten outfits. The newlyweds are also got poured water onto them from the shells in front of the crowd. The children are raised strictly. What is interesting, is that religious families always send their 20-year-old sons to the monastery for three months, so that they figure out themselves and their path in life. However, any Thai can go to the monastery for a couple of days during the rainy season.
The inhabitants of Ko Tao is quite hospitable. When entering a Thai house, always take your shoes off. The guests are expected to be fed enough. Remember, the empty plate here means that you are still hungry and want some more. Near the Thai houses you can always see smaller houses with food and flowers around. Don’t be surprised: this is where the house-elves live. Keep in mind that when you make a picture, you shouldn’t direct or cross your feet at the image of the Buddha: it may raise conflicts with the locals and the authorities. Touching a Thai girl that you don’t know as well as a too open expression of your feelings and provocative clothes can be perceived as an assault.
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Another interesting thing is that uneven numbers for Thai are lucky. Number 4 here, as in the other Asian countries, means death. In Ko Tao the Buddhist holidays are widely celebrated – Loi Krathong in November, Songkran in April, Visakha Bucha in May, Van Khyn Pi Ma on January 1st, Sat Thai in September. Independence Day, the date of the coronation, Father's Day, and Mother’s Day are also celebrated. During the holidays, as well as during the festival of electronic music, the hotels on the island are completely booked.
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