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Bangkok The local people are hospitable and very friendly to tourists. Bangkok is often called "the city of smiles" for open and welcoming attitude to visitors. The manner of behavior of local residents may seem rather strange to tourists - even during the hot dispute they do not raise their voices. Visitors should also communicate with the local people in a soft and calm voice. The Thais are very sensitive to their homes, so when entering a house either hosts or guests always take their shoes off. Speaking of the manner of communication, we should definitely mention the local body language. While communicating with the locals any contact (friendly hug or patting on a shoulder) is simply not allowed. Men are can be welcomed with a handshake. If you want to say hello to a person on a distance, simply lay your palms at a chest level - this gesture means a warm welcome.
One can hardly find such a choice of entertainment parks in any other city in the world. Bangkok is a true paradise for travellers with kids, who are keen on active rest and interesting … Open
Do not sit cross-legged in public places or in someone’s house – this pose can be considered a sign of disrespect. Local people are very sensitive when it comes to the royal family, so any careless word about the government may hurt them badly. One more "not recommended" theme for discussion with the citizens and inhabitants of the country is religion. Locals show warm attitude to religious sites and sacred sites of the country and visitors must also show respect.
Many traditions and customs of the locals may seem quite nice and fun to observe. The natives follow these traditions for many hundreds of years. For example, you can see a small wooden house next to each house or a public institution and store. It is made for the "keeper of the home" - a kind spirit that protects the owner and his house from all troubles. After moving to a new home, the owner must first make a small house for the keeper. Subsequently, he needs to make generous gifts to the spirit. Usually these are fruits, beautiful flowers and sweets. It is believed that if you follow these rules and make the spirit happy, it will bring good luck and prosperity to the house. Copyright
Many gourmets call Bangkok a true food paradise as the local cuisine is very versatile and unique. Attractive restaurants and cafes can be found literally everywhere in the city - next to … Open
Bangkok is a significant spot in the travels journal of every tourist. It is the city of contrasts and amusement. You will see people and things that will shock your mind at every step and at every corner. The city of Bangkok will amaze you, capture your mind and attention with the number of festivals and carnivals. The list of Thai celebrations is endless!
Bangkok When you will plan to visit Thailand in April pack your luggage wisely and don’t forget to take the water gun. Why? First of all, April is the hottest month of a year. Secondly, exactly in April, all the country starts celebrating the Songkran the start of the solar year. In easier words, all the country is celebrating a New Year (not in December, how we got used), so April is the first month of the new year in Thailand. The brightest and most beautiful celebration takes place in Bangkok; local people dress in their best clothes and go to the temples. After temples, the real celebration of the Songkran is moved to the streets. People start splashing each other with water, and a huge water fight starts. So if you do not want to get wet better stay indoors. But our advice is to join this wild fiesta and have fun!
The majority of the attractions of the city have a religious significance. Beautiful temples and ancient monasteries keep a lot of secrets and beautiful legends, and their beautiful inner … Open
Thai people are among those nations, who honor and adore their royal family. One of the honor gestures is the celebration of the Queen’s birthday. And doesn’t matter that her birthday is on August 21, people greet the Queen on Mother’s day in May. The celebration takes place all over the Thailand, but the most beautiful procession is in Bangkok, on Ratchadamnoen Avenue. The streets near the king’s palace are decorated with flowers and lights; people show their respect and honor by dancing and singing. In December, Thai people celebrate the King’s Birthday (Father’s Day). All the streets are decorated with flags, lights, king’s portraits and flowers. You will also hear fireworks from every corner of the city until the celebration will be over.
Bangkok Sky Train Looking for some cultural entertainment? Visit the Bangkok International Film Festival (January). Here you will enjoy various exhibitions, jazz concerts, seminars, conferences dedicated to cinematography. During this festival, more than eighty movies from all over the world will be shown in the screening halls. The most ambitious and popular movie creators will compete and present the Southeast cinematography. In February, local people and tourists enjoy their time at the Thai Festival of ""Stylish Street Food"". This event is organized by TAT (Tourist Management of Thailand); the main aim is to popularize and promote Thai cuisine. In total within the Festival, you can try up to 30 most creative dishes of the modern street food of Bangkok: ""Phat Thai"", ""Lap Ramen Burger"", ""sticky rice"", ""pork on a grill"".
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Loy (Loi) Krathong Festival is the must to see and experience a unique, beautiful, and mysterious celebration in Thailand. The brightest procession takes place in Bangkok on a full moon, on the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar. All the country and its people float the baskets “krathong” of different sizes and shapes. These baskets are made from banana leaves, with candles inside and are sailed on rivers and different cisterns. Flower decorations, lights, fireworks can be seen at every step. Be honest, when you will see this celebration with your own eyes - you will never forget it!
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