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Muscat The nature of Oman is rich in flora and fauna. The country is home to oryxes, turtles, Eagle rays, Arabian leopards, and Humpback whales. Frankincense tree and Salsola deserticola are typical representatives of local flora. Deserts with oases, misty rocks, and coastlines with warm sand are carefully protected by Omanis who take care of their nature and try to do their best in order save animals, the populations of which are in danger. The territory between Ras al Hadd and Masirah Island is occupied by a turtle reserve. Different species of turtles live and lay their eggs in complete safety here. This is a calm place that is perfect for relaxing, watching turtles walk on clean sand and tiny newborn turtles making their first steps to the sea.
Exotic and oriental Oman is like one giant market full of interesting items, fresh fruit, and mind-blowing sweets. Shopping is simply irresistible …
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In Oman, there are many protected national reserves that are open to visitors. Wadi Al Arbaeen is not only a river and surrounding mountains, but also lakes, rocks, palm trees, desert, and villages. Visitors can swim, try hiking, and enjoy the diverse nature of the region. Wadi Bani Khalid is perfectly suitable for fans of rock climbing. Besides rocks, there is a waterfall, caves, pools open for swimming, and popular Snake Canyon that is really a place where snakes live. The Ad Dimaniyat Islands are the location of a beautiful nature reserve that is suitable for sunbathing, boat riding, and snorkeling or scuba diving. Lucky tourists can swim with turtles and harmless sharks.
Al Ansab is a protected swampy area not far from Muscat. It has rich flora and a fabulous rocky landscape. Tourists can watch birds here or simply take a stroll. In Muhafaza Al Wusta, vacationers may be interested in visiting a deserted reserve that is home to numerous oryxes. These strong animals with long and sharp horns and gracious gazelles live in this protected nature reserve. There are also gazelles in the Al Saleel National Park. It is possible to come close to the animals as they are not scared of people. There are usually not many tourists in this park because Al Saleel is located in a deserted area. Fans of rocky landscapes will be excited to visit Ruwi Mountains that offer a fabulous panorama of Muscat. Copyright
Travelers who decide to spend New Year holidays in Oman should keep in mind that the end of the year is not an official day-off in the country. This …
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Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in Oman, the height of which is 3 kilometers. It is not possible to get to the top of the mountain because a military object is located there, but slopes of Jebel Shams also offer magnificent views of the surroundings and a deep canyon. The mountain is a fantastic destination for fans of picnics and camping. During a tour to Jebel Shams, travelers can look at bright stars, explore the area on foot, and see longhaired goats. There is a big canyon not far from Al Hamra town. It is a thrilling and dangerous place for the bravest adventurers. Beautiful palm trees, clean naturally formed pool, and a hiking trail await courageous travelers. Full of stalactites, Al Hoota Cave that discovered several centuries ago. It never ceases to amaze its guests with large size and old age.
Muscat Oman Fjords in Khasab are perfect for short camping with a night spent on the beach, swimming, watching dolphins, and boat riding. Travelers can always book a private excursion to the fjords. It is a silent place where visitors can forget about vibrant cities and simply relax, listening to wash of the waves. Al Marneef Cave in Salalah is located underground at the coastline. It has blowholes, so water streams gush out vertically like fountains. Having looked at this miracle of nature, tourists can relax on the beach. Big Qurum Park in Muscat is a green oasis in the middle of a modern city. It is easy to spend a whole day in the park, enjoying lush greenery, accurate lawns, and silence. The park has a lot of free space for picnics and games for children. There is also a lake and a rose garden.
A country of rich heritage and unique national traditions, Oman has managed to keep numerous historic landmarks, so there's no wonder why the country …
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Not far from Muscat, there is a naturally formed vortex that is filled with emerald water. It is an ideal place to relax on a hot day. The area is very popular with tourists and locals, so vacationers craving for some privacy will hardly find it here. Despite the fact that there are always people swimming in the vortex, the water always remains clean and transparent. Salalah also has a similar vortex, but water vaporizes during the dry season. There is cave not far from the vortex, and it is also a wonderful place where one can easily spend a whole day. The area looks particularly beautiful during the season when lush greenery makes the landscape even more picturesque. Trees and bushes cover the ground and rise above the sinkhole. During the dry season, the place looks quite dull, but the depth of the sinkhole is still impressive.
Masirah Island The Rub' al Khali, the largest contiguous sand desert in the world, a part of which is located in Oman, only looks uninhabited. In reality, people and camels live here. Every tourist needs to visit the desert at least once – it impresses and enchants people with its grandeur and gorgeous sand dunes. There are also ruins of an ancient city, namely, ruins of one building and fragments of the walls. In accordance with a legend, this city is mentioned in the Quran. It was destroyed because of the sins of rich people who lived there. However, many believe that there was only a watchtower on this site. Nevertheless, the ruins in the desert look completely stunning. Tourists can book excursions to the desert and see everything with their own eyes.
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