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Masirah Island Children are cherished in Oman, so travelers with children will find it interesting to make a vacation in this country. Young tourists will be excited to see true sand dunes and swim in crystal clear water, see turtles and camels, and get acquainted with the culture that has nothing in common with the western one. On particularly hot days, it is especially pleasant to hide from the scorching heat in museums. In Qurum, an upscale suburb of Muscat, there is a wonderful museum for children, which is located not far from Qurum Park. In this venue, children can learn about anatomy, physics, acoustics, and other sciences through interaction with exhibited items. For adults, it is also interesting to visit this children’s museum. Finally, there is a small play space for small kids.
Arabs make up the majority of Oman’s population. East Africa has made a great impact on the ethnicities that live in the country, but descendants of …
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The Sultan's Armed Forces Museum in Muscat is a great place to visit for both adults and children who are keen on the military theme. Inside the museum and at the adjacent territory, it is possible to learn the history of Oman’s armed forces through such exhibits as military cars, tanks, bombs, airplanes, helicopters, a ship, ancient mail armor and helmets, weapons from pre-Islamic times until modern days, old photographs, and models of military equipment. The museum’s building was constructed in the middle of the 19th century and was used as headquarters of the military forces. The Omani Heritage Gallery in Muscat, which opened in 1974, is one more interesting place worth exploring. This is not only an art gallery that supports local artists and craftsmen but also a shop that sells many of the artworks exhibited. The gallery is a fantastic destination for everyone interested in unique and quality souvenirs. Moreover, this way travelers support local artisans.
The Museum of Illusions is open in Grand Mall in the capital city. This is a modern museum, the name of which gives an idea of the museum’s specifics. The Museum of Illusions is small, but it is not inferior to similar museums in other countries. There is a mirror room, a room with furniture attached to the ceiling, many different photographic illusions, holograms, stereograms, a bottomless abyss, an anti-gravity room, and a vortex tunnel. Don’t forget to check out the souvenir shop that is open in the museum because it sells many interesting puzzles. Active children will find it very exciting to visit The Little Gym. This is a venue that offers educational programs for kids, in which they can learn through playing and various physical activities. The program is targeted at children aged from 4 months and up to 12 years. Copyright
Traveling aficionados rarely include Oman into a list of their must-visit destinations, and this is definitely a mistake. The country of deserts and …
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Marah Land is an entertainment park in Muscat that is open in the territory of the Qurum Park. In this park, visitors can try merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheel, and many other attractions. The entertainment park is not big and is more suitable for smaller kids – its attractions can hardly impress teenagers and adults. Having explored Marah Land, it is time to take a stroll in the giant Qurum Park where kids can run as much as they want. Blooming flowers, charming green lawns, a manmade lake, fresh air, and tranquil atmosphere are exactly what many people need in the middle of a busy city. Hawana Aqua Park in Salalah opened in 2017. This is the first aqua park ever opened in Oman. Inside, visitors will find slides and amusements for all ages, a special area for children, swimming pools for adults and children, a swimming pool with artificial waves, and a café.
Al Sahel Fort, Quriyat, Muscat, Oman A visit to a desert is an excellent idea for all tourists in search of authentic experiences. Of course, it is better not to walk in the desert – travelers can always hire a car driver with his own vehicle or rent a car and spend several hours in sand dunes and barchans. Children will most likely want to explore the area and play with sand, and parents are better to keep an eye on their offspring. It is better to make this adventure in the afternoon when the temperature goes down because staying in the desert in the full blaze of the sun is unbearable. Starting from mid-autumn and until February, river corridors remain dry in Oman, and this is a fantastic opportunity to explore them. Travelers can also try rock climbing, but this pastime mostly caters to teenagers.
Nightlife in Oman is centered in Muscat. When darkness falls to the city, youth and older people head to numerous nighttime entertainments that the …
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A vacation in a desert country is impossible to imagine without a camel ride. Slowly and graciously moving animals take equestrians through sand dunes better than off-roaders. Simply pick the right time with a cooler temperature for this ride and don’t forget to protect the head and eyes. Approximately an hour and a half from the capital, there is Wadi Shab canyon with pools. Water is emerald colored, crystal clear, and slightly warm here. There are also rocks, labyrinths of caves, and a waterfall. It is easy to spend a whole day in Wadi Shab – the place offers excellent protection from the scorching heat. Both children and adults love this place for its unique beauty, tranquility, and pristine environment.
Fans of camping can always visit one of the numerous local beaches, sunbathe, make sand castles, enjoy fruit desserts and cocktails, watch fish and turtles, make a fire, admire the beautiful sunset and then starry sky, and get up with the sun. This adventurous activity can be a fantastic last experience of a vacation in the gorgeous country of Oman, and you may want to repeat the travel again next year.
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