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Kuwait City at Night Kuwait City is a modern bustling city that isn’t alien to trends of modern culture. More recently, life there has based on an entirely different traditions and backgrounds. Only some of the important traditions have managed to preserve till these days. The most important aspect of local culture is still the good relationship between family members. The family is considered to be a single entity and a situation, when only one member of the family is invited on some celebration, is simply intolerable. It is a common practice to make visits along with family, whether it is an ordinary trip to visit friends or an important holiday.
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Respect and unquestioning obedience to elders is also an important attribute of family relationships. Since childhood, children are taught to help elders and listen to their wise counsel. Seniors, in turn, are required to help the younger members of the family and take part in their lives. Relationships between a man and a woman are also quite distinctive, as they are retired from eyes and considered a taboo subject for discussion. Even legitimate married couples can’t walk around in public places, hand in hand, because it is considered a manifestation of bad education and is contrary to religious canons.
Responsibilities of spouses differ: a man should provide material well-being of the family, and a woman has to do housework and to raise children. As it was noted above, each year the impact of modern culture affects lives of citizens more and more, so long, working women are no exception. Locals are very hospitable, they consider it their duty to accept guests adequately and entertain them, so that all were satisfied. Copyright
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To receive guests there is a special room in each house, which is called ‘deevania.’ This part of the house is usually separated from the living area and is fully prepared to welcome guests. All that is left to do for hosts is to serve food. Traditionally only men take part in the meal. The invitation to visit is very honorable, so you shouldn’t refuse. Local culture is also reflected in the specifics of national costumes, which are very beautiful, and even casual clothing may seem very elegant and solemn to foreigners. Tourists should be sure to learn rules of the local etiquette before the trip, as it will avoid many misunderstandings and would make a vacation comfortable.
Most of the holidays celebrated in the city are of a religious nature. The only exception is Kuwait National Day that falls on February 25. It is timed to the day when the state was declared independent from the British rule in 1961. On the same day, Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah was crowned. Locals are very proud of gaining their independence so noisy parties and celebrations are organized throughout the country. But, of course, the most spectacular actions take place in the capital. Parades, public festivities, theatrical program, the opening of exhibitions, fireworks, national symbols - all this and much more can be seen on February 25 in the central streets of Kuwait City. On this day, it is customary to wear national costumes visit the homes of loved ones and after watching the parades.
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Ramadan, the celebration of which falls on the ninth month of the lunar calendar, is the most revered Muslim holiday here. Local residents observe strict fasting throughout the whole month, some restaurants may even refuse to sell alcohol to foreigners. In any case, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol in public places during the holy month of Ramadan - if you wish, you can do it at the hotel. At the end of the month, locals celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which translates as “the Day of Breaking the Fast”. On this day, "Eid Mubarak!" is heard on the streets, it is customary to perform morning prayer and set a festive table inviting close people to the house. Children are happy at this time: they usually get some tasty sweets. It is also customary to do good deeds — for example, to give alms to the poor.
Kuwait cosmopolis Another holiday widely celebrated in Kuwait is called Qadir-e-Khumm. This one is not really well-known in other Muslim countries, but for Kuwait is of particular importance. People celebrate the event thanks to which Imam Ali became the successor of the Prophet (the latter is revered in a special way in the country). Another holiday associated with Muhammad is Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif, which marks the birth of the Prophet. At this time, local people perform solemn prayers and spend time with family and friends, inviting them to dinner. They also celebrate Muhammad's Ascension to Heaven, the holiday is known as Al-Mi'raj.
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As well as Hijri New Year, or the Islamic New Year, which marks the beginning of the first month of Muharram. Solemn divine services are held in mosques, locals celebrate the first day in a circle of close people. It is worth noting that throughout the whole month of Muharram, it is strictly forbidden to quarrel with anybody - Muslims avoid even minor conflicts. Throughout the month, believers pray and ask for happiness from Allah for all the good deeds they've done. Another Islamic holiday that is of great importance in Kuwait’s religious tradition is Eid al-Adha meaning “the Day of Sacrifice.” It is celebrated on the 40th day after Ramadan for three days. It also cannot do without solemn prayers in mosques with the glorification of Allah and Muhammad and talks of the meaning of sacrifice in the Islamic tradition.
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