Colors of Isa Town - traditions, festivals, mentality and lifestyle

Bahrain Grant Mosque (Night view) Bahrain is a multinational country, so there are many people from different countries here. However, immigrants from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines are the most widespread. Many newcomers open their business in Bahrain because the country’s laws stimulate both small and big business. As a rule, these are restaurants, banks, hair salons, travel firms, and taxi services. Isa Town is no exception. Indigenous people treat everyone with respect (of course, if newcomers respect local rules), so tourists can always rely on them and ask them for help.
This big number of foreign immigrants is also the reason why there are no language problems in Isa Town. Almost everyone speaks English, and some are so fluent in this language that they could compete with the British. That being said, every indigenous person would feel flattered if a tourist could say several phrases in Arabian. By simply saying “Marhaba” (Hello), it is possible to make local people smile. To say goodbye, simply use phrases like “Salam” or “Maʿ al-salāmah”. It is better to learn these simple phrases (and several others, such as “sorry”, “don’t understand”).
There is a strict hierarchy in the country. Members of the ruling dynasty of Bahrain, namely, Al Khalifa, are the most honored in the country. Ally tribes are the second most honored people in Bahrain. People, who have settled in the country within a century, are “one step lower” in the social hierarchy. Immigrants from Iran and Shia Islam people have approximately the same social rating. Immigrants from India, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, and Malaysia are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The thing is, these people mostly do all the unskilled work. Copyright
Isa Town is one of the youngest and most luxurious towns in Bahrain. Posh villas built by wealthy people from all over the country have already become a calling card of Isa Town. Fabulous … Open
Women are treated somewhat differently in Bahrain compared to other countries of the region. For example, females are allowed to drive cars. There are also not many limitations concerning the clothes for women. It is even possible to see girls wearing denim pants – local women are distinguished by a free and independent nature. However, Hijab for them is something they wear with pride. Local women think that wearing hijab doesn’t limit their freedom in any way. No one forces them to wear hijab, and that is the reason why women treat this element of clothes with respect.
Sheikh Isa Bridge in the background Just like in any other Muslim country, family and relatives are the most important for local people. Keep in mind that it may even be not allowed to enter some venues without the other half – local people treat family really seriously. In their opinion, family activities are the “right” and the only possible way to have fun. A big family is the main treasure for local people. One child is very rare in the family, so most families have many children. If a relative needs help, the whole family will gather and think how they can help and solve each other’s problems.
Isa Town is one of the youngest and most luxurious towns in Bahrain. Posh villas built by wealthy people from all over the country have already become a calling card of Isa Town. Fabulous … Open
As Isa Town is a tourist settlement, it attracts it numerous guests not only with cultural landmarks but also with interesting festivals that regularly take place here. As Bahrain likes sport in general and almost everyone has their favorite sport, the country regularly hosts different sporting events. For example, there is a mixed martial arts tournament named Brave 9 in Khalifa Sports City Stadium in the middle of November. It is a true paradise for everyone who likes spectacular events and wants to cheer up their favorite athletes. In total, roughly 20,000 spectators attend this popular tournament.
Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Library And Conference Centre Tourists, who visit Isa Town in the middle of May, will become witnesses to a no less interesting event, Bahrain Cricket Festival. It is held at Bahrain National Stadium. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful event for the whole family. Among participants, there are sportsmen from different parts of the world. Moreover, the festival has a schedule full of various interesting events, such as street performances, interactive games, music concerts, fashion shows, contests, and a special playground for children. So, every family member will have fun and find it exciting to visit this festival. The festival lasts only two days, so it is better to check the date in advance and plan a vacation accordingly in order not to miss such a wonderful event.
Isa Town greets its guests, demonstrating its beauty right near the Town Gate. It is a true architectural masterpiece created by Mohamed Saleh Makiya, an Iraqi engineer. The gates have five … Open
As Bahrain is a Muslim country, all Islamic holidays are very important and widely celebrated here. The most important holidays are the following: the Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid al-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice, Hijri New Year (the Islamic New Year), the Day of Ashur, Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif (the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad), and the end of Ramadan Eid al-Fitr. For tourists, there are also celebrations on January 1. The Independence Day is a no less important and widely celebrated holiday than an Islamic holiday. It is always celebrated in Isa Town – tourists can see a military parade and the traditional fireworks in the evening. The holidays fall on December 16.
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National traditions of Bahrain

Family is extremely important for the people of the country. Women get married very early, starting at the age of 14. Men marry later – in 20-22 years. It is customary to pay a ransom for brides. Polygamy is permitted by Sharia. But each wife should have a separate comfortable home. There are also temporary marriages (muta). They are accepted exclusively by Shiites. A woman receives a reward at the end of such a marriage. The rights of a woman are formally equated with the rights of an ordinary wife. Her children are also considered legitimate. She is entitled to a mahr (gift from her husband). The marriage can be extended an unlimited number of times. A woman must take a break before entering into a new marriage after it ends. This break is necessary to make sure that there is not a pregnancy. During this break, which lasts from 4 to 20 weeks, the husband continues to support the wife. … Open

Traditions and festivals in cities around Isa Town

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