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In the south-eastern part of Iran, tourists can visit Kerman that is the capital of the province with the same name. This city is situated in the middle of a sand valley with mountains on the north and east. Kerman has always been more popular with tourists than many other Iranian cities. Foreigners were visiting this settlement in order to admire centuries-old landmarks that reminded of the past events. Moreover, Kerman is not only a popular tourist destination but also a famous carpet weaving center. Local craftsmen can create true masterpieces. Historical records tell us the story of Kerman. According to these documents, Ardashir I founded this town in the 3rd century. At that time, the settlement had another name - Veh-Ardashir. Initially, this was a fortress with the main mission of protecting the region from invaders. The Abbasid dynasty established its authority over the region in the 40s of the 7th century. They quickly forced local people to adopt Islam. The Buyid dynasty changed them in the tenth century and remained the rulers of the region until the end of the century. The Buyid control fell when Mahmud of Ghanzi and his army captured the Iranian land. Soon after that, the city’s name was changed to Kerman. The Safavid dynasty started redeveloping the city that was in bad condition at that time. New buildings started quickly appearing in Kerman, and old buildings were thoroughly restored. The city was also growing in size. Agha Mohammad Khan from the … Read further

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There is one more local landmark not far from Kerman – the Stone Garden. Darvish Khan Esfandiarpoor was a deaf and mute man who had a big garden that he was proud of. Unfortunately, his garden dried up and only tree trunks without any leaves remained standing. The farmer wanted to restore the garden so much that he started hanging stones, textiles, and animal horns on the branches instead of leaves. He decorated … Open

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If you are fond of eco-tourism and would rather spend a day backpacking and camping in the wild than enjoying skiing or beach recreation, then you definitely need to learn more about Iran’s national parks when planning a vacation to this country. Iran has a rather peculiar nature. Local vegetation is quite modest, and the climate is dry. Constant attempts to make local soil suitable for agriculture have almost destroyed all steppes in the country. Wild nature was on the verge of destruction at some point, so the country tries to restore it at the moment. Because of this, it was decided to make restricted areas in Iran. There are approximately 80 protected areas in the country. Four of them are particularly interesting for tourists. … Open

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