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The unique culture that originates in the Persian Empire, breathtaking historic landmarks of different epochs, internationally acclaimed culinary and crafting traditions – this is what modern Iran is famous for. Tourists visit it to see famous antique attractions, purchase handmade Persian carpets, and try unique delicacies. Do you like shopping? If yes, then Iran’s bazaars with their fragrant spices and shiny jewelry simply cannot leave you indifferent. This country has everything needed for a comfortable vacation, from unique historic and natural attractions to luxury hotels and ultra-modern entertainment centers.
Sadly, Iran doesn’t have a well-developed infrastructure when it comes to activities for families with small children. Family holidays are generally …
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First people settled in the territory of modern Iran yet during the prehistoric times. First signs of organized urban settlements date back to 7,000 BC. During the prehistoric times, this region was the location of the powerful Median Kingdom. The Medes lost their power in the 6th century BC because of the Persian invasion. Even nowadays, the culture of the Persian Empire has a big influence on the culture of Iran.
The Persian culture suffered a major decline in the 7th century when the country’s army was defeated by Arabian conquerors. The Islamisation of the country started in 632. Naturally, this factor has seriously changed the country’s culture. Art and medicine were rapidly developing in the first half of the 7th century, and philosophy and literature also got an impressive boost. This period marks the start of the so-called ”The Golden Age of Islam”, and great achievements of that period impress people even nowadays. Copyright
Absolutely all tourists spend at least some time shopping when traveling. Naturally, they may need souvenirs that will remind of the vacation, gifts …
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The early Middle Ages brought another big change in the history of Iran. This time, the new cycle was connected with the invasion of Tamerlane, a great conqueror. During this period, much attention was paid to the development of science and culture. Tamerlane was passionate about marvelous architecture, so there are still some attractions in Iran that date back to that period. Despite numerous wars and revolutions, the country is still an attractive vacation destination. Modern Iran has a well-developed tourist infrastructure.
Fans of archaeology simply cannot fail to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Persepolis that were discovered relatively not long ago, at the end of the 20th century. Nowadays, the carefully restored ruins of the ancient city are a UNESCO Heritage Site. Having visited this gorgeous landmark, tourists can see restored fragments of ancient palaces and temples, cult buildings and engineering facilities, the real purpose of which is still a mystery to modern scientists.
Event tourism has become more popular in the country in recent years. Nowadays, numerous tourists visit other countries to not only enjoy excursions, …
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Endless deserts occupy the central part of Iran, so safaris to this region remain a popular entertainment. This is a rare opportunity to feel like a Bedouin and explore sandy barchans on a camel or cross large distances in an all-terrain vehicle. The desert is not only about sand – there are old Bedouin settlements, interesting natural landmarks, and animals that are used to living in such harsh conditions.
There are hundreds of cultural centers and museums in Iran. In Tehran, tourists can visit the Treasury of National Jewels. The collection of this museum features precious artifacts that once belonged to the rules of the country. Visit this museum and you will be able to admire ancient weapons and shields adorned with precious stones, see tiaras and magnificent thrones of the previous rulers of the country, as well as many other artifacts made from precious metals and stones. Some exhibits are truly breathtaking – for example, there is a giant globe that has all seas and oceans made from emeralds.
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If you are a connoisseur of old architecture, it is worth visiting not only the gorgeous capital of the country but also the ancient city of Isfahan. The giant Naghsh-e Jahan Square or Imam Square is the heart of the city. Its length is 560 meters, and its width is 165 meters. In the past, Isfahan was the capital of the country, so there are still many gorgeous palaces and mosques close to the main square. There is also an old bazaar in the northern part of the square. Because of this, it is easy to combine sightseeing with shopping for interesting souvenirs.
Thanks to modern airports that are built in the country, it is possible to reach Iran from virtually any country in the world. For many years, the country has been collaborating with such big air carriers as Aseman Airlines, Mahan Airlines, IranAir, and Caspian Airlines. The train is a comfortable way to move between cities. If you like comfort, a ride in modern trains by Raja Passenger Train Company will leave only pleasant memories. Budget tourists may prefer to make intercity bus rides because they are cheaper. There are more than 20 companies that offer intercity bus rides in Iran.
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Famous and uniques places in Iran from our review series

Chagai-I Test Site

From the series “Largest and Famous Nuclear Test Sites”
In 1998 in Pakistan near Chagai City, was founder a huge test site. There were tested only six explosions, for which in the Koh Jimbaran Mountain was made a kilometre tunnel. The test site building has begun in 1976. This place was attractive for specialists because it had granite hillside which is suitable for testing. The area doesn't have a large population but sometimes there used to stay nomads.

All bombs that were exploded there are made with the use of uranium. Six bombs’ power was more than 40 kilotons. A tremendous defeat in the war with India became a reason to build this nuclear test side in Pakistan. Leaders of the state understood that they were much weaker than the Indian troops. In 1972 they began to work on a project of nuclear tests. In 1998 the series of tests had the … Read all

Karun-4 Dam

From the series “The Most Impressive Dams on Earth”
Several dams has placed in Iran on the Karun River. The biggest is Karun-4 Dam. This arch dam was put into service in 2010. The dam has been built for 13 years. Its high is 230 meters and width 440 meters. The main peculiarity of this dam is the location – a narrow rocky ravine. This huge concrete structure looks splendid along with the mountain walls.

This dam has an unusual bent form which was chosen according to its outstanding location. This form distributes the water force on the dam’s surface. At the same time, it strength the depth of the basis. Before the dam building, this area was thoroughly researched. All building works were safe for nature.

The main goal was to receive the permanent electrical power unit and strength of the working hydroelectric power station. More … Read all

Underground city Kariz

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
In Iran you can also find an underground town. Under Kish city has placed an underground city Kariz. Now it is a popular touristic place of this area. The system of tunnels was built approximately 2,5 thousand years ago. Originally it was used for the allocation of water. The city is amazing big, its whole area goes up to 10 000 square meters.

Several years ago, there had finished a major reconstruction. After which there begin to open shops, touristic centers and entertainment facilities. We don’t know as the exact date as its original usage of the city. Some researchers suppose that the underground’s age is over 5 000 years, its whole length is 3 000 meters. Tunnels go for 14-16 meters under the ground.

According to the modern researchers’ opinion, the underground city Kariz is … Read all
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