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Ras al-Khaimah is popular with tourists. There are several major shopping malls here. You can buy anything you want here. If you don't like malls, you can visit the Umm al Quwain market. It is located in the Old part of the city. Officially, the market is called "Ras al-Khaimah National Market". However, the name Umm al Quwain has long been used by locals. You have to get to this market because this shopping area has existed since the founding of the city. It is natural that the market is rebuilt to meet the requirements of modernity in the present day. A new two-story store with a dozen separate small shops and pavilions opened in the center of the shopping arcades. Note that if you need privacy, you should pay attention to local features. Always go forward after the common door. The door on the right side is only for the faithful visitors. This is true both for the toilets in the Central building of Umm al Quwain and for all similar rooms in shopping centers. It is customary to bargain in the market. It is better to do it in Arabic or at least in English. If you do not want to buy anything, you can just plunge into the atmosphere of the Eastern fairy tale and taste the local coffee. Umm al Quwain is the best place to purchase coffee for fans of this drink. You can get to the city's major shopping centers or malls, either alone or as part of an organized group by bus. This option is suitable for those who are not too fond of long detailed shopping trips. The time to … Read further

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Ras al Khaimah for children - what to visit

However, not only cats live in Rak Zoo. There are also many species of ungulates, predatory birds, reptiles and monkeys here. You can buy animal feed and give it to the child for he could feed his favorite llama, for example. The child can also communicate with tame monkeys and take beautiful photos for memory. There is a small cafe for quick snacks on the territory of the zoo. There is also the possibility for … Open

Shopping, streets and outlets

It is worth considering the customs restrictions before finally deciding what and how much you will buy in Ras al-Khaimah. Products and goods can be exported without any restrictions from the city and from the country. Of course, if it will not be a set of ten gold chains or a box of strong alcohol. However, it will be more difficult to import many products to the homeland. For example, dates, which are the most … Open

Travel guide to Ras al Khaimah

Travelers interested in exciting water entertainments will find it amusing to visit Ice Land Aquapark. The complex started as an aquapark and steadily turned into a multifunctional entertainment center. Nowadays, it features not only swimming pools and water slides but also numerous restaurants and cafes, and even a large shopping center. The aquapark has become internationally famous because of a gorgeous manmade … Open

Traditions and mentality of Ras al Khaimah

It is worth looking at the Muslim calendar also to determine the Holy month of Ramadan for local residents. The fact is that the customs, which determine the life of the faithful at this time, also apply without exception to all guests of Ras al-Khaimah. It does not matter whether you are an atheist, a Christian or a Buddhist. You cannot publicly eat, smoke, drink liquids and even chew chewing gum during the day … Open

Cuisine and top restaurants

Be sure to taste the lamb kebab. Biryani is also interesting. This dish is so popular that some city restaurants cook only it. It consists of rice with chicken or lamb, vegetables and sometimes fish. It is served as follows - meat, fish or vegetables cut into strips put on a lot of spices in a pan. The dish is sprinkled with rice. It's delicious. Basmati rice with long and thin grains is used to make biryani. … Open

Attractions and active leisure

Elite sports fans are recommended to visit the best golf club in the emirate - Al Hamra Golf Club. The whole family can comfortably relax here. Professional trainers are ready to offer beginners their services. Remarkably, they can teach not only adults, but also children from 4 years of age how to play golf. Professional sportsmen will not be bored too, as they will certainly be pleased with a high quality of … Open

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