Travel tips for Jordan - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

1. In Jordan, the left hand is considered impure, so all actions are done with the right hand. Tourists need to keep this rule in mind when greeting locals in order not to offend them involuntarily.
2. If a local person invites you to drink a cup of tea at home, it is impolite to refuse. Better visit their house, at least for a short time. A refusal will offend a hospitable local.
3. In Jordan, people do not use other languages except Arabian. That is why it is a good idea to keep a phrase book handy. Tourists are recommended to learn several basic words and phrases.
In Jordan, there are many holidays that are adopted and celebrated around the world. For example, January 1st is the New Year Day and the official day …
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4. Don’t forget that it is prohibited to ask questions to wives of Jordanian men!
5. Women of all ages are recommended to wear modest and closed clothes during their vacation in Jordan. It is not allowed to stay in public places in short skirts and t-shirts.
6. Jordanian women wear hijabs, special scarves that cover head and neck. Their clothes don’t reveal wrists and ankles. When visiting sacred places, female tourists should also cover their heads.
7. If you have a romantic holiday, honeymoon, or simply feel in love with your partner, this doesn’t mean that all Jordanian people need to know about that. Kissing and hugging in public places is prohibited. Copyright
8. Do not take pictures of local people without their permission. Otherwise, there can be problems that may end up in a police station.
9. Don’t forget to bargain when visiting local markets! Women are usually particularly successful in this – they manage to get a discount and an extra gift for purchase.
10. One more recommendation for female travelers – riding in a car at the front seat is considered vulgar here.
11. If a Jordanian person forgot something, that doesn’t mean that he is tactless. Slowness and forgetfulness are simply typical traits of character in this country.
Jordanian cuisine has much in common with cuisines of other Arabian countries. However, it has unique dishes and traditions. Interestingly, tourists …
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12. It is recommended to leave tips to waiters, maids in hotels, guides, and taxi drivers. For many of them, tips are the main source of income.
13. Do not drink tap water. It is better to drink bottled water instead or ask for boiled water.
14. Tourists with heart, kidney, and blood vessel diseases need to prepare for their vacation to Jordan carefully and do not visit this country during hot months. Scorching heat in Jordan is not easy to endure.
15. Adult travelers should get vaccines against typhoid fever, poliomyelitis, tetanus, hepatitis. Children need to be vaccinated against diphtheria, measles, hooping-cough, mumps, and rubella. International medical insurance is a must.
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Among the desert landscapes of Jordan is the ancient Petra town, which was still founded in the prehistoric era by the native inhabitants of these places - the Nabataeans. Petra is often called «the city of the pink rocks», because their numerous buildings were carved in the rocks. Today you can see the unique temples, the necropolis and the altars during the walk through the strange city, whose age is more than 3 000 years.

The most famous and impressive building is Khazne al-Firaun Temple, whose majestic façade simply looks magical. The age of this building is not so great and makes about 2,000 years. Fortunately, the temple has preserved the carved sculptures and columns that adorn its façade. The height of the facade is about 40 meters, and the width - about 25 meters. According … Read all
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