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Pearl & Oyster Fountain Doha is a capital of Qatar and a large economic and trading center. During summer months Doha is famous as a beach resort; spring and autumn are a wonderful opportunity for tourists to visit all famous parts of the city. The weather is not hot during these months and so you can devote more time to walking.
It’s really difficult to find a restaurant of national cuisine in Doha. The reason for this is in the fact that local culinary traditions have been almost completely replaced the … Open
The majority of modern hotels are located not far away from the bay. All most popular beaches are situated nearby. There are always many people in Doha during summer months. The beaches are clam and clean, so this destination is suitable for rest with kids. Due to unique properties of cay sand the underwater visibility is impressive, so the beaches of Doha are good for scuba diving as well.
National Museum of Qatar remains the main sight of the city (the museum has recently been completely rebuilt, the opening date of the new museum is March 2019). The museum is opened in the halls of sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed. Apart from amazing decorations, rare furniture and pictures, the museum has a large aquarium that contains many breeds of fish and other underwater creatures. Here you can see numerous types of fish, marine turtles and fish that are considered a true rarity among the inhabitants of the Persian Gulf. One of the halls is devoted to exhibits connected with marine adventures. Copyright
For many, the capital of Qatar is associated with gas and oil industries that bring the main income to the country. Of course, many would mention the high temperature. Indeed, the average … Open
One more beautiful building has been turned into Ethnographical Museum, which expositions illustrate the life of the local people prior to oil boom. Modern art connoisseurs will definitely enjoy visiting the old Fort that is frequently used as a place to exhibit pictures, sculptures, and photographs of modern artists. Here you can also see the works of local craftsmen or participate in sale of carpets and fabrics. Tourists with kids should definitely visit the local Doha Zoo. There is also a huge attraction park in Doha named Aladdin’s Kingdom that offers wide selection of attractions and even a manmade lagoon.
It looks so peaceful from up here One of the main symbols of the city is the beautiful Corniche promenade. It stretches along the bay for several kilometers and is a favorite place among tourists for walking. Along the embankment are the most beautiful buildings in the city. Here is the place to look, for the most luxurious hotels and expensive restaurants. Experienced tourists are advised to stroll along the embankment in the evening, when the buildings along it are decorated with spectacular lighting.
Qatar National Museum is often called the most famous and widely visited attraction of Doha (in the period 2015-2018 the museum was completely rebuilt). The museum is located in beautiful … Open
The most famous religious monument of Doha is the State Grand Mosque. It was built relatively recently, in the middle of the 20th century. Now this mosque is one of the largest in the country. Despite its impressive size, it is distinguished by its unique grace. Only adherents of the Muslim faith can access the mosque for worship. All others can only admire its flawless appearance. In the evening, the mosque is also decorated with spectacular lighting.
The big building on the left is the urban planning office For lovers of nature and outdoor recreation in Doha, many beautiful parks are put in place. One of the most picturesque and largest is Aspire Park. It is in close proximity to the waterfro (2km). The area of ​​this luxury park is 88 hectares. The main decoration of the park is a large artificial lake. There are jogging tracks and sports grounds, as well as special playgrounds for children. Since its foundation, this amazing park is ecological. On its entire vast territory, lanterns which are powered by solar panels are installed. This wonderful park is sure to please those who like to relax in a quiet and secluded surrounding.
Beach rest remains the main entertainment for travelers. The coast has everything for comfortable and interesting pastime. Doha beaches are ideal for various outdoor activities and for … Open
Fans of walking in historical places should go on an excursion to the Barzan Towers. This historic building is one of the most mysterious. Its exact designation remains unknown. The tower was built in 1910 by order of one of the local sheikhs. According to one version, the 16-meter tower served to protect the nearby valley in which rainwater was collected. According to another version, the sheikh from the top of this tower watched the divers who were mining pearls for him. In 2003, another reconstruction of the tower was completed. Now it is available for tourists to visit round the clock. The top of the tower is equipped with an observation deck, which offers a wonderful view of the coast.
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Sightseeing in Qatar: things to see

A famous archaeological and historical center, this country is increasingly becoming more popular with tourists. The majority of places of interest in Qatar are connected with archaeological findings. Doha suburbs are the location of a very famous place - Al Zubarah Archaeological Site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 18th century this area was a blooming and prosperous city with the same name. The age of that city was over a thousand years. A big fort remains the main symbol of Al Zubarah. Nowadays, the fort is used to hold the collection of the Regional Museum and all of its items are dedicated to the history of the country. Archaeological excavations continue even these days, so the collection of the museum regularly gets new items. During the medieval era, this city was a prosperous one thanks to pearl diving. There are some ancient ruins near Al Zubarah, so tourists can see remains of ancient protective facilities, as well as burial mounds that appeared here yet during the prehistoric era. … Open

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